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Consular Service

The basic international treaty that regulates the action of consular services, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of April 24, 1963, which was published by Decree no. 32/1969 Coll. This convention defines consular functions and simultaneously sets the limits in which the embassies can move. It must therefore be borne in mind that the embassies of the Czech Republic acts on the territory of foreign countries, and therefore must respect the law, and the scope of practice of the country. As well as personnel and technical capabilities embassies are not unlimited.

Our section provides services and assistance to clients in various spheres of consular agendas. We provide consular services in the following areas:

 1. The travel documents

- Issuing emergency travel document is lost or stolen passport
- Biometric passports;
- Non-biometric passports - shortly,

- Passports for children under 5 years of age,
- Certificates of birth number for the purpose of issuing the travel document.

 2. Registry agenda

- Records of births, marriages and deaths of Czech citizens in Armenia and obtaining appropriate registry documents from the Czech Republic;
- Name change, respectively. surname, which occurred in Armenia.

 3. State civil agenda

- Obtaining a certificate or a certificate of citizenship of the Czech Republic;
- Regain Czech citizenship by some former Czechoslovak and Czech nationals;
- Loss of Czech citizenship by declaration.

 4. Legalization agenda

- Verify the signature accordance of the copy or copies of documents with the original.

 5. Help in emergency

- Assistance in obtaining funds from relatives and persons close to Czech citizens in the Republic of Armenia found themselves in need;

- Arranging urgent information for people or their relatives;
- Arranging contacts with relatives and with health insurance companies for Czech citizens suffered injuries and were hospitalized in the Republic of Armenia;
- Assistance in the repatriation of sick, injured or died;

- Assistance to relatives of Czech citizens who died in the Republic of Armenia;

- Assistance in dealing with the competent Armenian authorities for citizens that in the Republic of Armenia have become victims of crime or, conversely, those Czech citizens who were committing the crime charged;

- Assistance in securing visits of inmates (in the case of restriction of liberty embassy announced);

 6. Information Service

- Providing basic information and contacts for Czech citizens to the institutions of the Republic of Armenia and the Czech authorities to foreigners (phone, e-mail, fax, mail or in person at our office);

- Providing contact information for the independent choice of doctors, medical facilities, lawyers, interpreters;

- Publication of useful information on consular and legal for citizens of the Czech Republic

What conversely Czech embassy can not do:

- Pay the bills for hotel and other services, fines, fees for hospital stays and deposit at limiting personal freedom;

- To finance further stay abroad at the loss of funds;

- To conduct activities that are in the job commercial institutions such as banks, travel agencies, health insurance companies, lawyers, interpreters and detective agencies;

- To conduct activities the post office or employment department;

- Provide assistance in obtaining the visa of a foreign state and guarantee entry into the territory of a foreign state, if a citizen does not have a valid passport, respectively. visa;

- Guarantee better care in hospitals or treatment in prison than the local standard;

- Conduct investigations infringement intervene in ongoing legal proceedings and take action as an advocate in court;

- Assume the cost of search or rescue operations and repatriation costs of the deceased to the home country or funeral costs at the site.