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The Government of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provides much information such as general aggregated data, analytical materials, Czech foreign trade statistics, business related legislation, etc. (in Czech/English)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides valuable information regarding foreign relations, diplomatic mission, and latest news. (in Czech/English)

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance site includes pages with macroeconomic forecast, introductory information on Ministry's chief officials, related links, and business searching engine that uses DIC (tax identification number used in the Czech Republic). (in Czech/English)

Office of the Government

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic will guide you through the Government's agenda, crucial political documents, a short course of history, and background of national symbols. This page will also present a brief biography of each Minister. (in Czech/English)

Portal of the Public Administration

The Czech governmental portal provides all kinds of information related to living, studying and working in the Czech Republic; civil, social and legal matters and links to related useful websites. (in Czech/English)