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Legal Services

The Embassy of the Czech Republic does not provide legal services. Below please find a courtesy list of known attorneys who offer their legal services. These subjects are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored or approved by the Embassy or the government of the Czech Republic. The Embassy disclaims and cannot be held responsible for the quality of services and/or prices set by these subjects.

H&P; Law, s.r.o.

The law firm H&P Law, s.r.o., is a dynamic and fast growing law firm based in Prague, ready and able to provide complex law services on a professional level in all areas of Czech, European, and international law. more ►

Barbara Kapounková, attorney at law

Areas of practice include family, inheritance, and international law matters such as cross-border child custody, divorce, and representation in inheritance proceedings with an international element more ►

Koubíková Legal

Areas of practice include civil law, commercial law, and family law, focused on legal relations with international aspects more ►