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WARNING - sale of the electronic highway vignettes for the Czech Republic

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Warsaw informs about the findings concerning the sales of valid electronic vignettes for the Czech Republic. This information can be important for travellers purchasing the electronic highway vignettes. Since January this year, electronic versions of motorway vignettes for vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons can be purchased in the Czech Republic.

It´s possible to buy annual, thirty-day and ten-day vignette. Unfortunately we have noticed unfair to illegal conduct in terms of required prices from sellers. The prices of all types of motorway stamps are fixed and based on the law as follows:

Annual (respectively three hundred and sixty-five days) = CZK 1 500 CK; Eco price = 750 CZK; Thirty days = 440 CZK; Eco price = 220 CZK; Ten days = 310 CZK; Eco price = 155 CZK

Therefore, any seller may sell them at a higher price without notifying the customer. In addition, these vignettes have their official sales channels, which include exclusively:

  • E-shop on the eDalnice.cz website
  • Branches of the state enterprise Česká pošta
  • Network of EuroOil filling stations belonging to the state-owned company ČEPRO Kiosks located at border crossings before going on tolled roads.

There are not any other official distributors. Unfortunately, there have been sellers who sell vignettes at these prices, but often charge considerable handling fees. Although such a procedure is not against the law, it is very disadvantageous for motorists. The second area of ​​unofficial distribution is clearly illegal. On various servers (e.g. Vignette-Tschechien.de or Vignette-Tschechien.at) we recorded sales at prices higher than the legal prices. At the same time, the mentioned servers also offered vignettes for motorcycles. There are no such vignettes in the Czech Republic, because single-track vehicles are exempt from tolls.

The Czech authorities are already taking appropriate legal action in this matter. In both cases, it is also possible that the motorist will not receive a proof of purchase, which is important for the administration of the vignette, and proof that the payment has been made. Without this confirmation, it is even possible that the fraudulent seller did not even make the payment for the motorist.

Embassy of the CZ in Warsaw recommend to pay particular attention whe purchasing of the Czech highway vignette.