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The Czech Republic

Below you may find some basic and up-to-date information about the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the Central Europe and covers an area of 78.866 sq km. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country with 326 km distance from the Baltic Sea and 322 km from the Adriatic Sea. The country is bordered by Germany (810 km), Poland (762 km), Austria (466 km) and Slovakia (265 km). The country's highest peak is on the top of the Sněžka Mountain ( 1 602 above sea level), meanwhile the lowest point may be find near Hřensko where the Vltava River leaves the Czech territory for Germany (117 below sea level).

National flag

Coat of Arms


Basic information

National Anthem: Kde domov můj (Where my home is), lyrics

Area: 78.886 sq km

Capital: Prague (1.280 mln.) (2017)

State border length: 2 303 km

Population: 10.597.473 (2017)

Population density: 134/ sq km (2017)

Time zone: CET

Political system: Parliamentary democracy

Currency: Koruna (Kč) - Czech crown (CZK) - 1 EUR= 25,24 CZK (9.2.2018), 1 USD=20,595 CZK (9.2.2018)

GDP (PPP) per capita: 34.753 USD (2016) (15th in the EU)

GDP (PPP): 367 mld. USD (2016) (12th in the EU)

Index of Economic Freedom: 9th in the EU (24th in the world) (2017)

Unemployment: 2,4 pct. (IV/2017) (1st in the EU)


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