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Photo: © International Visegrad Fund
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International Visegrad Fund

The Visegrad Fund is an international donor organization located in Bratislava. Created in 2000 and annually funded by the governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, the fund has been supporting the development of civil society and sustainable regional cooperation in central, south-eastern and eastern Europe through individual mobility programs (scholarships, fellowships, artist residencies) and grants.

Austrian CSOs and public institutions can benefit from grant funding if involving project partners from V4 countries. The fund’s annual budget is €10 million.

V4 Gen Mini-Grants

A unique instrument for group mobility of young people (12–30 y.o.) connecting organizations (schools, sports clubs,…) in V4 countries and also neighboring Austria, Germany, and/or Ukraine. A simple, lump-sum (€50/person/day) grant support with max. budgets of €10,000. Three annual deadlines March 15, July 15, November 15).


Visegrad Grants

Grant instrument for multilateral cooperation in central Europe that involves organizations from at least 3 V4 countries, regardless of additional countries involved (e.g., Austria). Support is given to projects in areas of culture and arts, education and capacity-building, innovation, R&D, and entrepreneurship, democratic values and the media, public policy, regional development, environment and tourism, and social development.