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Important Business Websites

1. Doing Business in the Czech Republic

Doing Business brings up-to-date information about the structure and development of the Czech economy. You can learn a wide range of relevant information that will be useful in your decision-making on new investments or entering into contacts with businesses in the Czech Republic. This web site contains, among others, detailed analyses of the various sectors of the economy and regions of the Czech Republic along with the business opportunities they offer. Beside statistical reviews regarding the economic situation in the Czech Republic, you will get information on specific Czech firms which are interested in doing business with foreign companies.

Guarantees Provided by the Czech Government
Main Steps in Establishing a Business Company
The Taxation System
The Customs Tariff System
Acquisition of Real Estate

2. Economy, Statistics

Czech Statistical Office (CZSO)

Macroeconomic Analyses of the Ministry of Finance

Czech National Bank

Collection of Laws -


3. Trade Opportunities and Information


Inform Katalog

Kompass CR

Finance and Insurance Export Guarantee and Insurance Corp.

Export Bank

4. Selected Professional Associations

Economic Chamber of the CR

British Chamber of Commerce

Brno Chamber of Commerce

The  Chamber of Commerce of Moravian- Silesian Region

Confederation of Industry of the CR

Association of Glass and Ceramics Industry

Association of Advertising Agencies

Union of Accountants

Chamber of Auditors

Automotive Industry Association

5. Fairs and Exhibitions

List of Fairs and Exhibitions

Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV)

6. Investment Opportunities


7. Finance

General financial information

Exchange Rates

Finanční noviny (Financial News)

The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE)

Real time market data from PSE


Securities Center of the Czech Republic