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The State Symbols of the Czech Republic

The Czech Flag

The symbol of the Czech state, a white-red-and-blue flag in a simple geometric pattern, was created in 1920, shortly after the founding of the first independent Czechoslovak state. The white, red, and blue colors are both symbolic and historic. White (or silver) is the traditional color of Bohemia and represents the sky. Moravia is symbolized by the color red which also represents the blood shed for the freedom of the state. Blue is the traditional colour of Slovakia. It is also symbolic of impartiality and sovereignty. When Czechoslovakia split into two independent states in January 1993, the Czech Republic kept this flag as its own. While the blue triangle no longer represents Slovakia, it does remain a symbol of impartiality and sovereignty.

The Large and Small State Emblems

The Czech coat of arms dates back to the 1200's. It consists of a shield divided into 4 squares. The top left and bottom right squares are red, with a 2-tailed, white, crowned lion. The lion is the symbol of Bohemia and signifies power and sovereignty. The top right square is blue and contains a red-and-white checkered, crowned eagle. This is the Moravian eagle, adapted from the Saint Wenceslas eagle of the Holy Roman Empire. The bottom left square is gold and contains a black, crowned eagle, which symbolizes the Silezian region of the country. Today, the Czech lion by itself is also used as a symbol of the Czech Republic.

The small state emblem consists of a red shield which contains a sliver split-tailed lion rampant with a golden crown and golden claws.

The Banner of the President of the Republic

The banner of the president of the republic is white and its selvage consists of a number of alternating white, red and blue flame-shaped ornaments. In the middle of the white field is the large state emblem below which is a white (silver) inscription saying "TRUTH WILL PREVAIL" on a red ribbon underlaid with yellow (golden) linden twigs on both sides.

The State Anthem

The state anthem is the first verse of the song "Where is my home" composed by František Škroup to the lyrics by Josef Kajetán Tyl.