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Economic migration - programs and quotas

In support of foreign employment, the Czech Republic implements programs of targeted economic migration. All programs of targeted economic migration are primarily administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Detailed information about the programs, including information on how to participate, is available on this website.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi accepts the following numbers and types of visa and residence permit applications within these programs:



Annual Quota

Applications for:

Qualified Worker


Employee Card

Highly Qualified Worker

No quota

Blue Card


Employee Card

Key and Research Staff

Employee Card

No quota

Blue Card

Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

Long-term Residence Permit – Investment


Long-term Visa – Entrepreneurship



The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi uses quotas for Employee Card and Long-term Visa for Entrepreneurship applications, in accordance with the Government Decree No. 220/2019 Coll., on maximum number of applications for long-term visas for the purpose of entrepreneurship, applications for long-term residence permits for the purpose of investment and applications for employee cards, which can be submitted at an embassy, as amended by the Government Decree No. 321/2022 Coll. (both available in Czech). 


In accordance with this government decree, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi accepts annually:


  • 730 applications for Employee Cards,  out of which  600 within the Qualified Worker Program60 within the Highly Qualified Worker Program or Key and Research Staff Program and  70 outside of any program.



The annual quota is fixed and cannot be exceeded.


When accepting visa and residence permit applications within and outside the programs of targeted economic migration, the quota is evenly distributed throughout a calendar year.



Application submission


Applicants included in a program receive an appointment for application submission from the consulate – they do not need to schedule their appointments by themselves.


Applicants filing their applications outside of a program need to schedule an appointment for application submission by themselves in accordance with the consulate´s guidelines for registering an appointment (https://www.mzv.cz/tbilisi/en/visa_and_consular_information/booking_appointments_for_visa.html).

Registration emails which have the functionality of the inability of sending a reply from the mailbox to which they are delivered, activated by the sender, will be excluded from registration.