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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Stockholm
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Supermarket Art Fair

This year's Supermarket Art Fair, at which the Czech Republic is regularly represented, was attended by the Altán Klamovka gallery. The Supermarket Art Fair took place from 11 - 14 May 2023 in Stockholm.

Czech artists Jana Bernartová and Petr Dub, Darja Lukjanenko (UA) and Cameron Tauschke (AUT) participated in the fair on behalf of Altán Klamovka gallery. Together they are involved in the project "Searching for lost worlds".

Lenka Sýkorová has been the gallery's curator since 2004, focusing mainly on drawing, installation, graphic design, performance and new media. Altán Klamovka Gallery in Prague presents a young generation of graphic designers, photographers and multimedia artists. The uniqueness of the gallery lies in the possibility to work with the space inside the gallery and the nearby surroundings of Klamovka Park and is often used for site-specific projects. It aims to create an autonomous exhibition zone for the emerging generation of visual artists and often hosts solo presentations by student artists or recent art school graduates.

The project presented in Stockholm is linked by the "twilight zone", which the artists understand as the interface between day and night, and the interface between the physical and virtual worlds. The artists reflect on the uncertainty of the present and the search for lost worlds, "where every shadow can be understood in the context of Plato's ideas as a reflection of the absolute truth of reality".

An interesting element of the Czech representation was the performance of Petr Dub in armor.

The Supermarket Art Fair is an independent international art festival where, in addition to exhibitions and art installations, one can also attend talks, performances and thematic meetings. It has existed since 2007; since then it has expanded, gained a reputation and publishes its own magazine. One of the three co-directors is Alice Máselníková, a Czech artist and curator who lives and works in Stockholm. Many schools visit the fair and it is possible to take a guided tour.


Supermarket Art Fair