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Overview of the cooperation in the field of culture, education and research between the Czech Republic and the DPRK


Bilateral cooperation in the field of education is based on „the Programme of cooperation“ signed between Czech and DPRK education ministries, periodically extended.

Under the programme the Czech government grants two scholarships for DPRK students at Czech universities  and four scholarships at a language course „Summer School of Slavonic Languages“ every year. Korean side also committed itself to provide four scholarships at its summer language courses every year.


Cooperation in the science field is minimal so far. Both sides however provided basis for direct cooperation between universities. Furthermore, a system of  exchange of scholars has been established which has been welcomed mainly by linguists.


Intensity of the cultural exchange is proportional to the ideological and logistic limitations existing in the DPRK. No cultural projects are organized on commercial basis, albeit the Czech embassy organizes several cultural events such as exhibitons every year, thus giving Korean citizens unique opportunity to get acquainted with Czech culture.