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Companies Interested in Co-operation with South Africa

An up-to-date list is maintained by the Economic and Trade Section of the Embassy. Should you have any questions or queries please contact us for more information at commerce_pretoria@mzv.cz.

Wildlife Protection & Anti-Poaching Powered by GINA Software


GINA is a communication, command and management tool for operations, supporting variety of agencies around the World. GINA´s systems support Hummanitarian and Crisis Response missions, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services and initiatives… more ►

Czech know-how in water purification and hydro-power sector


For years municipalities in the Czech Republic had been tackling drought and water scarcity. The fact contributed to the development of a significant engineering know-how and technology solutions in areas such as water management, recycling and… more ►

Smart mobile minibreweries coming from Czechia


It has never been so easy to start your own beer company. The Czech firms produce professional beer-making sets that fit in a backyard but can produce commercial quantities of brew. The mobile breweries are a far cry from the kits typically made… more ►

Innovative energy solutions coming from Czech Republic


Technologies for reusing industrial waste in new products, increased use of renewable energy sources, and support for energy sources are of paramount importance in the Czech Republic as it is emphasis strategy for sustainable development. The… more ►

Czech firms offer modern technology and competency in areas of agriculture and food


Czech agriculture has under its belt centuries of tradition that not only guaranteed the desired self-sufficiency of the nation in basic foods, but also made Czech Republic and its agricultural products famous abroad. Commodities such as milk,… more ►

Conversion of waste for energy and waste treatment from Czech Republic


Waste has hidden potential for its conversion into energy and such solutions can be offered by Waste-Econ alliance from Czech Republic, the group of companies with large experience with waste treatment and its conversion into energy, heat or… more ►

Hospital beds and other solutions by LINET in South Africa


The Czech company LINET is the biggest European manufacturer and supplier of hospital beds and other equipment for healthcare and the sphere of long-term care. On a global scale, it is among the TOP 3 in its field. Today, LINET Group has its own… more ►