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Photo: Jana Přikrylová
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Czechs for the first time at SmallSat in Utah

In early August, Utah State University hosted the 37th annual SmallSat Expo, which for the first time included representatives from the Brno Space Cluster - the Brno Space Cluster brings together representatives from companies, universities, and research centers to work together on projects for the European Space Agency worth more than €80 million. The agency aims to help South Moravian companies become active and competitive commercially. Participation in the SmallSat Expo, one of the world's largest and most prestigious events in small satellite technologies, opened another area for Czech representatives to present themselves among the top community in the area. One of the key topics discussed at this year's event was the progress in small satellite technology. The event brings together representatives from governments, industry, large corporations, and academia. This year's event attracted over 4000 attendees, with over 260 commercial exhibitors from 44 countries. Present were representatives from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Netherlands, France), and Asia, represented by Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, which was the only country with a national booth. Representatives of Czech companies who participated in the event thanks to the financial support of the projects to promote economic diplomacy (PROPED), they had the opportunity to present innovative projects and cutting-edge technologies and attend several sessions dedicated to discussing business models, market trends, and investment opportunities in the small satellite sector. In addition, countless B2B meetings were held with potential customers, partners, and investors, providing companies with new partnerships and collaborations at the international level.

Czech companies involved in producing components and subsystems in SmallSats are also aware of the potential for growth and innovation in this area. The accession of the Czech Republic to ESA in 2008 created the first prerequisite for the Czech Republic to participate in the development of cutting-edge technologies and advanced applications of satellite systems, which are then used in a wide range of fields such as transport, logistics, agriculture, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, smart cities, and many others. The development of space activities is also supported by the National Space Plan of the Czech Republic 2020-2025, which aims to ensure that the Czech Republic plays a significant role within the international community in the field of space activities and related areas, and thus to increase the influence of the Czech Republic on the European and global scene. Lastly, the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (EUSPA) based in Prague plays a vital role, benefiting Czech companies as more space applications and products from the Czech Republic enter the market.

The participation of Czech companies TRL Space, Zaitra, CORAC Engineering, World from Space, Groundcom, and Spacemanic at the SmallSat Expo in Utah was an excellent opportunity to build on these activities. Throughout the week-long program, Czech companies presented to partners, potential customers, and suppliers everything from intelligent data  for space missions, including edge computing and artificial intelligence, modular scalable and resilient telecommunications solutions for space activities to providing flight-proven, innovative, and reliable nanosatellite and customized ground station solutions. In addition to panel discussions and presentations, the conference provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. Attendees had the opportunity to network with industry leaders such as representatives from space agencies NASA, JAXA, or giant corporations Airbus, Mitsubishi Electric USA, and more recently, the rapidly growing SpaceX. The conference also offered a valuable platform to explore new advances, discuss industry trends and promote innovation in the small satellite sector.


SmallSat Utah

SmallSat Utah

For the Czech Republic, participation in the conference was a first entry among the long-established community of critical players in innovative SmallSats technologies. Czech companies have confirmed that despite the considerable competition in this area, their innovative solutions in small satellites can appeal internationally.

The Consulate General in Los Angeles will seek to support the Czech Republic's participation in the event next year based on the comments of the participating companies. Smallsat is where we achieve excellent results and confirms our maturity in innovative technologies. This fact also positively ensures our good name worldwide and creates confidence in our technologies for other industries.


Jana Přikrylová, Commercial Counselor, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles