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The Czech Republic – a safe destination for your investments

The Czech Republic has been of the most successful European countries in terms of attracting foreign direct investment from American companies.  Site Selection Global Report 2020 ranks the Czech Republic among the best country for business in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time the Czech Republic has a rich scientific tradition as well as extremely high-quality human resources and well developed R&D infrastructure to weather even the current COVID-19 pandemics and its economic aftereffects. 

According to The World Bank, the Czech Republic is ranked 41 out of 189 countries throughout the world in 2020 “Ease of Doing Business.“  This means that investing in the Czech Republic is a smart and easy choice that will help to expand your business. With its trade across borders ranking at number 1, investing in the Czech Republic will create access to even more markets. Starting a business in the Czech Republic requires a total of 9 procedures, adding up to a time of 24 days, as noted in the World Bank's. The ease and benefits of investing in the Czech Republic, especially given its EU membership and Central European location, will give your business an important competitive advantage in the global market.

The Czech Republic’s Investment and Business Development Agency CzechInvest is at your service when considering your investment opportunities in the Czech Republic.  

The Czech Consulate General in Los Angeles will be happy to facilitate your communication with the Czechinvest offices in the United States and in Prague.

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Target Sectors

For more investment information: CzechInvest Agency


For more investment information: CzechInvest Agency


Life Sciences

Given the Czech Republic’s history in life science innovation it is an excellent choice for life science investment in Europe and globally even in the times of global unpredictability.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

In the Czech Republic, this sector mainly produces technology for the “automotive, aviation, textile, and chemical industries,“ meaning that investing in the Czech Republic can give your company access to plenty of industries with which to do business.

Automotive Industry

The Czech Republic is home to „one of the highest concentrations of automotive-related manufacturing in the world,“ making it a strategic investment decision.


The Czech Republic has shown impressive “quality, reliability, and innovation“ in the aerospace industry and is an excellent choice for expanding business and investment in the field.

Advanced Engineering

With such a central geographic location, as well as being a member of the EU, the Czech Republic provides companies with valuable access to a broad selection of markets throughout Europe.

ICT and Data Centers

Many global ICT leaders have already invested in the Czech Republic, showing the country’s strong support for the industry.

Business Support Services

With Central Europe becoming an increasingly desirable business location and the large portion of Czechs who are multilingual, the Czech Republic provides a great environment for investing in Business Support Services.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

This is the second largest industry in the Czech Republic, so there are large amounts of resources and materials devoted to its development and growth, making it a smart choice for investment.