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Selected traffic regulations for foreigners

Platform for Vize 0, Autoklub ČR and the Police of the Czech Republic created an information leaflet for foreign participants in traffic.
It contains the basic regulations on traffic
The leaflet is available in electronic form, hard copies will be available at selected gas stations and car rentals.

The Czech Republic is a commonly sought out tourist destination. Furthermore, for many motorists it is a significant transition country. Thus, it is not a surprise that drivers of foreign nationality on our territory yearly cause many thousands of accidents, during which several dozen people die and more than a thousand of participants in traffic are injured.

One of the causes of accidents among foreigners is certainly also the lack of knowledge of Czech traffic regulations. For better awareness for foreign drivers Platform Vize 0, Autoklub ČR and the Police of the Czech Republic prepared an overview of the most important transportation regulations within our territory. The information is issued in the form of a leaflet in English and German. It will be available electronically and also as a hard copy, possible to download from the website of Vize 0 (www.platformavize0.cz) and Autoklubu ČR (www.autoklub.cz). Foreign drivers will also have the leaflet available at selected gas stations or some car rentals. The FIA (International Automobile Federation), the members of the international organization TIPSPOL (who incorporate the services of the European Tranffic Police Network in all Member States) and the Czech central office of transport – Czech Tourism, will also be informed about this campaign. We will also gladly provide the issued information material cost free to further subjects.

The information leaflets in English, German and also Czech are available in the attachment.

Further information can be provided by:

Roman Budský                                                                    Libor Budina

Platforma Vize nula                                                            Autoklub České republiky

tel.: 776 195 576                                                                   tel.: 727 901 494

e-mail: budsky.roman@volny.cz                                      e-mail: budina@autoklub.cz


Leaflet (in English) 685 KB JPG (Picture / Photo) Sep 6, 2019

Leaflet (in German) 728 KB JPG (Picture / Photo) Sep 6, 2019