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Photo: Tanja Ristič
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Revealing the memorial site of Václav Havel in Ljubljana

 On Friday, March 16, 2018, the memorial site of Vaclav Havel was officially unveiled in the presence of the Czech Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Věra Zemanová. This memorial event was initiated by Amnesty International Slovenija and the City of Ljubljana (Mestna občina Ljubljana).

Slovenia's Ljubljana is another world capital commemorating the Czech president, dissident and playwright Václav Havel (1936-2011). The work of the czech architect Bořek Šípek is located in the northern park of Ljubljana and consists of two armchairs attached to a round table, the center of which is a strain of linden tree.

During the ceremonial opening of the memorial site the Ambassador of Czech Republic Věra Zemanová reminded that Václav Havel was at the beginning of the fruitful diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and the independent Republic of Slovenia, whose 25th anniversary will be remembered this year.


Lavička Václava Havla