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Study in the Czech Republic

Boasting the oldest university in Central Europe, founded in 1348, whose faculty of hundred years ago included Albert Einstein, the Czech Republic offers an attractive environment to international students with a wide and expanding variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes taught in English.

Studying in the Czech Republic, a country located at a cultural crossroads, is well suited to help develop an open mind and strengthen the ability of every student to work together with other people of different backgrounds.

The living standard in the Czech Republic is quite high while the cost of living remains reasonable. The same can be said about the higher education: students get good quality and pay affordable tuition fees. Besides, study programmes in the Czech language at public universities are free.

Comprehensive and well-structured information for prospective foreign students can be found at www.studyin.cz. The web page offers advice on the Czech system of education, institutions of higher education, their courses, and scholarships, together with a basic guide to living in the Czech Republic. Specific information on particular universities and their programmes is accessible through links to their web sites.

It is always advisable to contact a university directly with enquiries about their courses, admission requirements or availability of scholarships.

Some Czech higher education institutions grant scholarships for excellent study results or administer other types of scholarships.

The Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union offers scholarships for highly qualified students and scholars to follow a selected Erasmus Mundus Masters or Doctoral course or to carry out teaching and research assignments within the course. Indonesian students and scholars are advised to check their eligibility with their respective academic institutions or at the Erasmus Mundus website.

Indonesian students abroad, particularly those in higher academic stages, may be supported by an Indonesian scholarship scheme and may look for more information at www.kemdikbud.go.id.

A number of scholarships granted by the Czech government are either based on bilateral international agreements on education, or provided as part of the development cooperation with certain countries. However, no agreement on cooperation in education has been concluded with Indonesia, nor has Indonesia been included in development cooperation programmes for 2012-2013. Therefore, Indonesian students are currently not eligible for this type of the Czech government scholarships.

For further information please look at:


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Czech National Academic Recognition Information Centre

Other useful links: www.dzs.cz, www.naep.cz, mzv.gov.cz


What are the three biggest Czech universities?

Check out Masaryk University, Palacký University and Charles University!



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Czech language courses held in the Czech Republic

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