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How to make an appointment for your visa application



If you are unfamiliar with Schengen visas, see our Visa Guide, which helps you understand all the steps regarding your application.


Send your email request for your appointment to submit your visa application on the dedicated date and time.


When your appointment is confirmed, prepare your Schengen visa application form with the other required documents. The visa form must be filled, printed, and signed by the applicant and presented in hard copy with passport-size photo (at least 35 x 45 mm) of the applicant, which fulfils ICAO standard.


Visit our Embassy on the day of your appointment and submit your application. The applicant must apply in person (except for minors younger than 12 years). Visa fees are collected in EUR in cash or by payment card. However, due to the interbank restrictions, a physical card is required (Apple Pay or Google Pay doesn't work).







ICAO passport photograph requirements 461 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Oct 2, 2023

Scheduled Appointment Dates

The Embassy receives requirements for an appointment for submitting your visa application only on scheduled dates and times. more ►

Appointments for visa and residence permit applications

Applicants residing in Ireland (foreigners with Ireland Residency Permit) who wish to submit their application must request an appointment in advance. more ►