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Call for PROPEA proposals for 2024

(This article expired 31.10.2023.)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic announces a call for providers for the PROPEA programme for 2024. With the help of PROPEA, accredited expert entities operating abroad (with the support of the Czech Embassy in the country) provide services of economic diplomacy to Czech companies which are already operating in the territory or are preparing to enter the market. The current call for proposals ends on 9 October 2023

PROPEA projects are a shift from supporting one-off business operations of Czech companies to strengthening their permanent presence abroad. The programme aims to boost Czech firms that focus not only on exports, but also have an investment nature. Furthermore, PROPEA projects want to reduce the risks associated with entering demanding foreign markets and enhance the capacity of the Czech Republic to support a more permanent presence of companies on foreign markets.

Within the scope of the PROPEA programme, accredited expert entities operating abroad, with the support of the Embassy in the particular territory, can offer Czech companies that are already operating in the territory or are preparing to enter the target foreign market expert pro-export services:

· processing of a business plan for market entry or investment

· processing of legal, tax, financial, and legislative analyses

· launching of products on the market (assistance in negotiations with financial institutions, support in opening an account and securing financing, establishing a company, etc.)

· securing licenses, certifications, product registrations, and trademarks

· securing and verifying documentation for import/export and logistics

· creation and coordination of supplier and partner networks

· securing of promotional, marketing and PR services

· support during start of production/start-up assistance for companies from the service sector

· utilisation of technical facilities.

The maximum financial support for one PROPEA project implemented within one territory is 500,000 CZK for a calendar year.

Those interested in executing the project in the Ethiopia in 2024 (i.e. possible providers of pro-export services in Ethiopia for Czech companies) can consult their ideas and submit their proposals to the economic department of the Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa - contact: Vitezslav Schwarz, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section, contact: vitezslav_schwarz@mzv.cz.

The current call for proposals ends on 9 October 2023.

Project proposals are submitted by potential implementers (local entities operating in Ethiopia, which possess legal personality under local regulations) via the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Ababa using the PROPEA Project Identification Form. The evaluation of the submitted proposals will take place at the meeting of the PROPEA evaluation commission in November 2023.


Identification form (DOC, 79 KB)