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Short term visa

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abuja serves nationals and residents of Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo.


·  Information regarding visa procedures, requirements and individual applications can ONLY be obtained from the visa officer of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, not from Security Staff or any other third party. Do not employ agents, travel agencies or other middlemen.

·  You are strongly advised to submit your application at the latest 4 weeks prior to the date of departure, as the processing of a visa may take up to 15 calendar days upon receiving a complete application. In justified cases, this period may be extended up to 60 calendar days.

·  All applicants have to submit their  visa application  in person at the Visa office  of  the Embassy.

·  Visa forms are free of charge.

·  The visa fee is 90,- Euro, to be paid in Naira only. The visa fee is a processing fee and is to be paid in full, when accepting the application. Should the visa be denied, the Embassy will not refund the money.

·  The Embassy investigates the purpose of travel as well as financial means and sufficient ties to the home country and the willingness to return there. Applicants are at liberty to provide additional documents to support these facts.

·  Compliance with the visa conditions does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be issued. In addition to the standard requirements, other supporting documents may be required, depending on the specific nature of your application. Furthermore, after receiving the visa, the competent authorities may refuse you the entry into the Schengen Area upon arrival.

·  As the Embassy does not return forms, photos or any supporting documents, be so kind as to provide the Embassy with copies of the documents you will need to have returned. 

·  Fake or forged documents will not be returned and will be sent to the relevant authorities.

·  Please note that no information about the stage of a particular visa application will be given to a third party. Only the applicant will be informed about the result.

·  If the visa is granted, please verify immediately, whether the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete.



·  Valid passport

·  Copy of the data page of the passport

·  Previous passports (even if expired)

·  1 recent passport size photo (with white background)

·  1 completed and signed visa application form

·  Travel health insurance valid for Schengen states

·  Visa fee 90,-Euro

·  Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.

·  Birth certificate (and a copy of the birth certificate)

·  If minors (under 18) are not accompanied by one of the parents: parental consent of both parents and copies of their id/passport. The consent of the parents/legal guardians should be required only if the minor travels alone or only with one parent. Exceptions are made if the single parent with whom the minor is to travel holds sole custody.

·  Booking slip or reservation for return ticket (no ticket!)

·  Holders of diplomatic and service passport: note verbale.

·  Proof of financial means and economic and social ties in Nigeria:

1.       If applicable, evidence of social ties such as a marriage certificate, birth certificates of dependent children, an official leave letter from the university or school including proof of paid school fees and school reports

2.       Personal bank statements for the last three months

3.       If applicable, employment letter stating employment terms and conditions and monthly income

4.       Salary slips for the last three months or an employment contract (if employed);

5.       Business papers such as a business registration certificate, tax clearance certificates, proof of an active business (bills of lading, import declaration forms, invoices (if self-employed).

·  Proof of sufficient financial means for intended stay:

1.       Proof of financial means: e.g. personal and globally accessible bank account, bank statements and pay slips for the last three months

2.       If the costs for the trip are not covered by the applicant: proof of financial support for those costs

Supporting documents to be submitted depending on the purpose of the journey


a)      Signed invitation letter from the sponsor company in the Member State of destination.

b)      Proof of business with the sponsor company, e.g. order confirmations, down payments, pro-forma invoices, email correspondence.

c)      Letter from the company in the country of residence stating the purpose of the trip.

d)      Copy of sponsors' entry in the national registrar of companies.

e)      Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.

Private or family visit

a)      If invited by a private individual, a signed invitation letter from the host and a copy of the hosts’ EU passport or residence permit.

b)      If invited by an institution or a church: a signed invitation.

c)      If the inviting person/organization is covering the costs of the stay or providing accomodation: original invitation  authorized by the Alien Police

d)      Proof of family ties with EU host.

e)      If the purpose of the trip is ‘attending a funeral’:

          - Death certificate of the deceased;

          - Member States may require the birth certificate of the deceased as proof of family ties with the applicant.

          - Confirmation of the appointment by the funeral company.

Medical treatment

a)      Letter from a local doctor giving a diagnosis.

b)      Letter from a national hospital/doctor consenting to treat the patient and the expected length of the treatment.

c)      Overview of the estimated costs for the surgery/treatment.

d)      Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the treatment and costs of living during the stay.

e)      Proof of advance payment - receipt from a hospital/doctor of the country of destination

Sports (tournaments or trials for transfers)

a)      Letter of invitation from the organiser, sponsor company or sports club.

b)      Letter of introduction from Nigeria Football Federation and/or respective sports association/federation that there is no objection for the applicant to compete in tournaments or trials for transfers.

c)      Proof of sporting ability (CV, world ranking, trophies, selection for the national team, personal records).

d)      Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.


a)      Plausible travel itinerary.

b)      Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.

Cultural purposes: recording/concert/festival/performance/lessons

a)      Introductory letter from an association and musician card and proof of musical activities.

b)      For recording: studio contract & transfer slip for instalments of studio fees.

c)      For lessons: contract stating duration and payment.

d)      For festivals or concerts: detailed concert schedule, contract stating duration and payment.

e)      Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.

Internship/training/language courses

a)      Letter from the host institution or confirmed registration.

b)      Information on the duration (working hours a week).

c)      Information on the expected salary.

d)      Proof of payment for the course (for language courses/training).

e)      Proof of accommodation/hotel reservation.

Attending trade fairs

a)      Visitors: trade fair ticket, introduction letter from the company in the country of residence, country of residence company’s business registration certificates and a ‘form A’, tax clearance certificate and bank statement.

b)      Exhibitors: proof of registration at the fair, proof of payment, introduction letter from the company in the country of residence, country of residence’s business registration certificates and a ‘form A’, tax clearance certificate and bank statements of the last three months.