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Validity of Vaccination Certificate

The new Protective Measure of the Czech Republic of 15 February 2022 sets the validity of the EU Digital COVID Certificate to 270 days from the date of the last (meaning not the booster dose) vaccination. In case the booster dose has been administered, the validity of the EU Digital COVID Certificate is currently without time restriction.

The same will apply to interoperable vaccination certificates issued in UAE in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2021/953 and entry rules by the Czech Republic (see below).


This validity period takes into account the guidance of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, according to which booster doses are recommended at the latest six months after the completion of the first vaccination cycle. The Certificate will remain valid for a grace period of an additional three months beyond those six months to ensure that national vaccination campaigns can adjust and citizens will have access to booster doses.

The acceptance period will not be encoded in the certificate itself. Instead, the mobile applications used to verify the EU Digital COVID Certificates will be adjusted: If the date of vaccination is longer than 270 days ago, the mobile application used for verification will indicate the certificate as expired.


UAE Vaccination and Test Certificates (see website of the Minsistry of Health of the Czech Republic)

For the purposes of entry into the Czech Republic and access to services in the Czech Republic, certificates issued by other third countries that issue certificates that can be verified for their validity, or certificates of countries that have a higher vaccination rate than the Czech Republic and the country in question provides reliable and verifiable data on the course of the pandemic within international organizations, can also be used.

Who can present a certificate:

  • anybody regardless of citizenship.

Conditions for certificate validity:

  • at least 14 days have elapsed after the vaccination has been fully completed
  • the vaccination has been administered with a recognised vaccine (see below)
  • it must be a written confirmation issued at least in English by an authorised body operating in a third country and contain details of the person vaccinated, the type of vaccine administered, the date of administration of the vaccine, the identification of the body issuing the confirmation.

Authorised vaccines

For the purposes of Protective Measure laying down the conditions for entry into the Czech Republic and for the purposes of other extraordinary measures authorising exemptions from anti-epidemic measures for fully vaccinated persons:

a medicinal product containing a COVID-19 vaccine which has been granted a marketing authorisation under Regulation (EC) No 726/2004, means:

  • the Vaxzevria vaccine (producer AstraZeneca)
  • the Spikevax vaccine (producer Moderna)
  • the Comirnaty vaccine (producer Pfizer / BioNTech)
  • the Janssen vaccine (producer Janssen Pharmaceutical)

a medicinal product manufactured in accordance with a patent for the above medicinal product approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use, means

  • the Covishield vaccine