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Signature Verification

For booking appointment for signature verification please follow the instructions. more ►

Official Board

Economic Migration Programs

In support of foreign employment, the Czech Republic implements several economic migration programs. These programs register interested employers whose future employees can file their visa / residency applications in a facilitated manner. For… more ►

Schedule Appointment

This article contains instructions for scheduling appointments to submit visa / residence permit applications. Please pay close attention to these instructions and follow them precisely . more ►


Superlegalisation of documents between Czech Republic and UAE

With the closure of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Prague as of 31 December 2021, a new temporary procedure has been in place for the process of superlegalisation of official documents issued in the Czech Republic to be used in the… more ►

Validity of Vaccination Certificate

The new Protective Measure of the Czech Republic of 15 February 2022 sets the validity of the EU Digital COVID Certificate to 270 days from the date of the last (meaning not the booster dose) vaccination. In case the booster dose has been… more ►