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Photo: Veronika Spevakova
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Women in Business: Veronika Spĕvaková

The Embassy of the Czech Republic hosted an online talk as part of its series, Women in Business, with Veronika Spĕvaková, who is the very savvy and knowledgeable co-owner of Wills International, on November 14, 2023. She spoke about importing Moravian wines from the Spĕvák Winery in the Czech Republic to the United States.

Veronika Spĕvaková began by elaborating on her family business, Wills International, which is located in Massachusetts and is an importer and wholesaler of high-quality wines from the Czech Republic. She emphasized that her background in biology complemented her profound knowledge of viticulture and viniculture. Deon Wills, her husband and co-owner, utilizes his extensive experience in food distribution to get the wine to the customers quickly and safely in the United States.

Elaborating on her upbringing, Veronika Spĕvaková spoke about her family ties to the Spĕvák Winery and growing up in the region of Moravia, a place rich with tradition and cultural heritage, thanks to its tightknit community and love of wine. She shared beautiful imagery of the winery as well as intricate national costumes and vibrant festivities in the region’s villages. She encouraged tourists to visit the region to get the full appreciation of the cultural experience and to learn about the wines offered in person.

Expanding on the Spĕvák Winery, Veronika Spĕvaková offered an understanding of how the winery works as well as its size and location.  She spoke about the importance of handpicking each individual grape and harvesting the grapes quickly and efficiently as well as the fermentation and aging processes. She also explained why the Moravian region’s climate and topography, as opposed to the other regions in the Czech Republic, is favorable to viniculture.

Veronika Spĕvaková then delved into the grape varieties and wine styles created by Spĕvák Winery. She described the youthful expression of the Muscat with tropical undertone finishes, the Moravian Riesling with aromas of ripened apricots, the elegant Cabernet with surprise aromas of black forest fruits and the attractive, off-dry Pinot Gris made from late harvest grapes. She underlined that she personally selects the collections for American consumers based on in-person wine tastings. You may learn more about the wines offered here.

What stands out most about Veronika Spĕvaková is her absolute passion for wine and bringing the best wine from the Czech Republic to the consumers in the United States. It’s this passion combined with her expertise of wine, which makes Wills International a success. The Czech Embassy is honored to collaborate with Wills International.

To watch the full interview, please click HERE.


The Women in Business series is a part of the Czech Embassy’s Mutual Inspirations Festival 2023 – Eliška Junková. Eliška Junková, who was born in what is today the Czech Republic, was famously known as the “Queen of the Steering Wheel.” Although she only raced for 5 years in the 1920s, she went up against the world’s top male drivers and became the first woman to win a Grand Prix. Junková was also a great businesswoman – who combined business with her love of travel. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspired the Women in Business series. Please clink here to learn more.