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Poetizer: New Social Network for Poetry of the Czech origin

Poetizer is a new global social media site for writing, reading, and sharing original poetry. It was created as a reaction to the growing popularity of poetry and the needs of modern poets for a new kind of platform. Poetizer is the first social media platform with the goal of connecting poetry lovers all over the world.

Poetry is trending. The global success of modern poets and so-called instapoets is proving that poetry is becoming a more popular form of self-expression for millennials and even for Generation Z. In the past few years, poetry has found its way onto several social media sites, such as Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Social media platforms have been met with criticism for supporting inauthentic content that negatively influences users.

According to the founders of Poetizer, it is time for a platform just for poetry based on authenticity. “Poetizer is creating a space for poetry lovers across the globe that share the same desires and values, like freedom of speech, authenticity, and the love of poetry as a form of self-expression. We believe that the platform will interest even those who don't write poetry themselves,” stated Lukas Sedlacek, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Poetizer. “More and more people don't feel free to be fully themselves on current social media sites, as they feel pressured to live up to other people's expectations,” he explained. According to Sedláček, Poetizer should serve as a safe space for the global poetry community and represent the voices of those who want to be heard in society.

Unlike other social media platforms, Poetizer is built to suit a modern poet’s creative needs. Some may wish to remain anonymous, while others need more text editing options for their artistic expressions. “When we were creating Poetizer, we primarily listened to the wishes and needs of poets. The community of people interested in poetry is rapidly rising around the world and they deserve their own social network, built on their wishes and with no limits to their artistic expression,” added Johana Sedlacková Vamberska, Co-Founder of Poetizer.

Poetizer is a startup based in Prague, born out of the Sedlacek spouses’ love of poetry. It is now a website and a fully integrated platform for iOS and Android. Currently, it contains 120 000 poems written by users in over 120 countries all over the world. On Poetizer, people can create an account, save drafts, publish finished poems and share them with the world. Besides a news feed with new posts and the option to create poem collections, there are features that allow users to choose anonymity, edit text with great detail, and ask other users for feedback. All of this is underscored by a minimalist design that doesn’t distract the users from the poems.