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Public Transportation

The Czech Republic has one of the densest rail networks in Europe and an elaborate system of public bus transportation. Connections by bus and train are reliable.

Rail transportation is provided by both state and private companies, bus transportation is provided by several private carriers.

Timetables for trains and buses including their mutual combination with public transport can be found at the IDOS webiste (search available in English and German).

In Prague you can use the metro, trams and buses. The public transport system covers the majority of the city and the outskirts. For more information on connections, fares and types of ticket consult the website of the Prague Public Transport Company. Beware that the ticket needs to be marked immediately after you enter a bus or a tram. If you fail to do so, you might end up in paying a fine.

When using a taxi, it is recommended to agree on the price/check the estimate of the price beforehand, make sure the meter is switched on and demand a receipt.