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Information about the Czech Republic

Basic Facts about the Czech Republic


Essential information about the Czech Republic. more ►

Info about the Czech Republic - useful web links


If interested in living, studying, working or simply visiting the Czech Republic, some of the following links can be interesting if you want to learn more about the Czech country, its culture, politics, etc. more ►

Brief History of the Czech Republic

Basic historical outline of specific periods of the Czech history are presented - the Great Moravian Empire (9th century), the Premyslid Dynasty (9-14th century), the Luxembourg Dynasty (14-15th century), the Hussite Revolution (1419 - 1436),… more ►

State Symbols of the Czech Republic


A brief introduction about the Czech flag, the state emblems, the banner of the President of the Czech Republic and the national anthem. more ►

Political System

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary republic. more ►