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Gratias Agit Award

The Gratias Agit has been awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of the good name of the Czech Republic abroad ever since 1997 in appreciation of prominent persons and organizations developing activities in nongovernmental fields. Along with the increasing role of civic society, this award, too, is becoming an ever more prestigious prize for the voluntary activities of people committed to working for the benefit of the whole society, for the promotion of friendship among nations and for the promotion of the good name of the Czech Republic in the world.

Proposals for candidates, either individuals or organizations, may be made by anyone and should be addressed to the Department of Cultural Relations and Czechs Living Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Skokanská 3, 169 00 Praha 1. The names of candidates for the following year should be presented before the end of the preceding year.

List of laureates whose lifes and careers are related to Canada

2017  Georgina Steinsky

2016 Milan Kroupa

2014 Masaryk Memorial Institute

2007 Kerry Stratton, Peter Bakewell

2006 Josef Čermák, Josef Škvorecký and Zdena Salivarová

2005 Tomáš Baťa, John Reeves

2004 Ferdinand Knobloch and Jiřina Knoblochová

2003 Jan Trávníček

2002 Václav Pavelka

1999 Lubor J. Zink

1998 Karel a Olga Velanovi