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Superlegalization announcement

(This article expired 28.01.2024.)

Let us inform you, that the appointment slots until the end of February 2024 are fully booked.

Therefore, the booking of appointments has been suspended. In case you have an appointment for submission of your application for a long-term visa/residence permit or for an interview, you may submit your documents for superlegalization during the appointment.

You may start booking an appointment for superlegalization from 29 January 2024. Any emails sent before that date requesting the appointment for superlegalization will be disregarded.

The applicants shall schedule an appointment only via the following email address: newdelhi.consulate@mzv.gov.cz. Emails sent to any other email addresses will be disregarded.

Each applicant is allowed to send ONLY ONE (1) email.

The subject of the email requesting an appointment has to contain ONLY: Superlegalization and the applicant´s passport number (e.g. Superlegalization - X12345678)

The email must contain the following identification information about the applicant (attachment max. 10 MB):

  1. first name and surname
  2. date of birth
  3. passport number
  4. issuing country of the documents (documents issued only in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives are possible to superlegalize)
  5. number of the documents
  6. email

The appointment dates are final and unchangeable. It is to be noted that the received emails will be processed chronologically. The applicant will be given an appointment date only if all the necessary requirements are fulfilled.