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Authentication of Documents

Official documents issued by the authorities od Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda do not have any legal relevance in the Czech Republic unless they are authenticated (legalized) by Czech Embassy in Nairobi. 

Authentication is a verification process in which the validity of an original public document (e.g. Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Criminal Record, University Diploma) is verified (i.e. it confirms that the document is not a fake and that it has been issued by a competent authority and signed by a competent official).

The first step is to have the document stamped and signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country which issued the document.

In Kenya, the original document (NOT its copy) should be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and signed by the authorized official of the Ministry. The document is to be submitted at the relevant counter (see the picture above) at Nairobi City Square Post Office (Huduma Center).

The very same principle applies to documents issued by the authorities of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania which are intended to be used in the Czech Republic. The first step has to be taken by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the MFA finishes its authetication process, the document should be legalized at the Czech Embassy in Nairobi. The Embassy may legalize only the original document, not its copy. Laminated documents cannot be legalized.

The authentication at the Czech Embassy in Nairobi is a subject to an administrative fee (payable in KSh, cash only).  The fee for 1 document (i.e. for the authentication of 1 stamp / 1 signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) amounts to 3 000 KSh (October 2021), payable in cash or by credit / debit card. The fee fluctuates according to the exchange rate.

The applicant should arrange a prior appointment. Usually the legalized document may be collected the same day the legalization is applied for.

The documents do not have to be submitted personally, i.e. a friend or a family member may deliver them to the Embassy. However, the Embassy does not use courier services for sending authenticated documents.

In order to use a document in the Czech Republic, official translation into Czech is required. Please note that the Embassy can only verify translations, i. e. it does not offer translation services.  There are no sworn translators / intepreters of Czech in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. 

The commercial translation services (which can be found using google or other internet search machines) are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored or approved by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Nairobi. The Embassy disclaims and can not be held responsible for the quality of services and/or prices set by these subjects.