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Getting married in the Czech Republic

A wedding in the Czech Republic is fully recognised by the legal systems of other countries. As in your home country, in the Czech Republic you are also required to complete a registration form and submit all of the necessary documents.

A civil marriage can be concluded at the registration office of any individual municipal district authority. A religious ceremony may be held by any of the 21 officially registered churches that are authorised to celebrate the sacrament of marriage in the Czech Republic. The most common religious wedding ceremonies are marriages celebrated by the Roman-Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, evangelical churches, Orthodox churches and Jewish synagogues.

Other religious associations in Prague include the Czech Hindu Religion Society, the International Society for Krishna Consiousness, the Centre of Muslim Communities, Diamond Way Buddhism and the Russian Orthodox Church. They will lead you through your wedding spiritually, but the marriahe itself must be concluded in the presence of wedding registrars of the respective municipal district authority.

The application to enter into a marriage as well as specific details about the procedure should be obtained from the respective District Hall or the local church or synagogue. The application is then submitted to the respective City Hall, which is authorised to keep vital statistic records, or to a local church or synagogue at least one month prior to the wedding date. Applicants are required to present the following documents to the local Czech authorities:

  • Birth certificate (full long certificates with the names of both parents)
  • Passport
  • If widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse
  • If divorced, the (court-granted) divorce decree
  • No impediment certificate/marriage license certifying the applicant´s capacity to marry and certifying that no legal impediment exists and proves that he/she is free to marry. These documents are required in order to guarantee that the marriage entered into the Czech Republic will be recognised by law in the foreign applican´t native country.

Confirmation that your stay in the Czech Republic is legal must be obtained from the Czech Foreign Police and submitted prior to the wedding ceremony (this does not apply to EU citizens).

Czech law requires that an officially authorised court interpreter attend the ceremony if either the bride or groom does not speak Czech.

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