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Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the People´s Republic of China

H.E. Mr. Martin Tomčo

Mr. Martin Tomco became the Czech Ambassador to the People's Republic of China in January 2024. He was previously the Czech Ambassador to Japan (2019-2023), Finland (2011-2016) and the Czech Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (2006-2011). Since Sept. 2010 he was the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Pyongyang. His career with the Czech Foreign Ministry has spanned several continents covering different areas including a bilateral and the EU policy agenda, crisis management and security issues. Ambassador Tomco worked in various departments of MFA, he was Advisor to the Deputy Minister for Bilateral Relations (2005-2006) and the Special Envoy for Migration (2016-2017) focusing on strategic planning and coordination. He was the external Advisor to the Deputy Minister for Defence Policy and Strategy, MoD (2018-2019). Before joining the Civil Service he worked as the Foreign Correspondent of the Czech News Agency in the Russian Federation (1991; 1995-1998) and other countries. Mr. Tomco holds MA Degree in African and Oriental Studies from Charles University and PhD Degree in American Studies from Charles University.