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Exercise of the right of access to the Schengen Information System

The Czech Republic, member of the Schengen area, uses the Schengen Information System (SIS).

The SIS is a shared database, which is used by the Schengen participating states and contains mainly the following data: persons whose entry in undesirable, prosecuted persons, missing persons, persons sought after in connection to criminal court proceedings, or missing items and property (such as vehicles, arms, personal documents, forged banknotes, and others).

Persons who are listed in the SIS will be denied entry to the Czech Republic/Schengen area.

Persons who are denied entry into Schengen area based on being logged in the SIS, have a right to request explanation from the authorities of the state, which made the entry.

Contact information: Policejní prezidium České republiky, P.O.BOX 62/K-SOU, Strojnická 27, 170 89 Praha 7.

For futher information concerning the exercise of right to access to the SIS please visit web sites of Policie České republiky (Police of the Czech Republic) and Úřad na ochranu osobních údajů (Office for Personal Data Protection).

Useful information concerning the exercise of right to access SIS in different Schengen countries could be found in to the in this leaflet. (PDF, 151 KB)

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