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Landmark in Hydrogeological Mapping of Ethiopia

Czech - Ethiopian Cooperation
Hydrogeological and hydrochemical maps of the whole Ethiopian territory  at a scale of 1 : 250 000

The cooperation between Czech and Ethiopian hydrogeologists began 40 years ago. It was interrupted by political changes in both countries and restarted in 2001. Combining the methods used in Ethiopia and in the Czech Republic with the International Legend to the Hydrogeological Maps, opened the possibility to cover the entire Ethiopian territory by maps with their explanatory notes. Participation of the Czech experts was financed by the Czech Development Agency in the framework of the Czech Development Cooperation Program, and participation of the Ethiopian professionals from the Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) was financed by the Ethiopian Government.

The work comprised the compilation of hydrogeological and hydrochemical maps, including explanatory notes to all map sheets at the scale of 1 : 250 000. Finally, 60 map sheets with explanatory notes covering the Ethiopian territory of 1,104,300 km2 were compiled. The maps and their explanatory notes have been published on the GSE website and their hard copies are available in the Library of the GSE and have been disseminated to regions and other potential users.

Explanatory notes and maps in the *.pdf format can be found and downloaded from the following address:


Additional to the *.pdf format, there is an interactive Internet application using Arc GIS Map Server, where the hydrogeological maps can be visualized in a similar way to Google Maps. This application requires a good Internet connection and can be reached from the following address: