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Photo: Jan Sipek
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Full concert hall applauds Czech violoncellist Terezie Kovalová

Celebrating the 99th anniversary of establishing of Czechoslovakia, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Ababa organised a concert of multitalented Czech violoncellist Terezie Kovalová. During her show, the young artist offered a unique mix of classical music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Moravian folk songs and her own modern compositions. The audience rewarded the distinct combination with standing ovations and marked the concert as one of the cultural highlights of the year 2017 in Ethiopia.

Approximately three hundred guests from among the Ethiopian officials, diplomatic corps, non-governmental organizations and students of local universities have enjoyed the concert in the packed Italian Cultural Center in Addis Ababa.

Terezie Kovalová started playing on violoncello at the age of seven. Her current instrument accompanies her since the age of thirteen when she began playing with a philharmonic orchestra. In the twenty years following these beginnings, Terezie strode from classical music to alternative, modern, and even electronic music. Together with her solo performances all around the globe, Terezie released two albums with her project Calm Season and cooperated with bands such as Vivaldiano, Southpaw, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Sunflower Caravan or River Jordan.

The concert was accompanied by an exhibition marking the 70th anniversary of the expedition of two Czechoslovak travelers, Miroslav Zikmund and Jiří Hanzelka. Thirteen roll-ups map not only the voyage of the duo but also compare the Africa of 1947 and that of today. The Embassy will further commemorate the important anniversary during the European Film Festival on 5 November in the British Council in Addis Ababa with a feature documentary movie Old Man and the World focusing on the extraordinary life of Miroslav Zikmund, today 98 years old.