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Photo: Czech Embassy
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Embassy donated books to the Institute of Ethiopian Studies

On March 5, 2020, the Embassy of the Czech Republic donated books to the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University. H. E. Ambassador Pavel Mikeš presented more than 50 publications by Czech authors of fiction and scientific works in the fields of anthropology, history, linguistics and others. The Embassy donated publications from the publishing houses Karolinum, Pavel Mervart, Dar Ibn Rushd, Kant, Zdeněk Susa and others, as well as scientific journals Modern Africa from the University of Hradec Králové.


Professor Takele Merid, Director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, received the book donation together with Hassen Seid, who is a former student in Czechoslovakia. Present at the ceremony was also the head of the library of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Eyob Alemayehu and the University Media Team. In his speech, Professor Takele appreciated the importance of the Czech Republic for the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and its library. However, this was not the first book donation that the Embassy gave to Ethiopian academic institutions - Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa donated books to the Ethiopian Civil Service University during his visit to Ethiopia in March 2019.


Professor Takele was particularly pleased with the anthropology, linguistics and philosophy publications. The Embassy provided interesting publications in these fields, such as a book on African philosophy by Alena Rettová, or a book of photographs of members of various ethnic groups living in the Omo River valley by Czech photographer Roman Burda. The book Orthodox Czechia on the development of Orthodox Christianity in Central Europe was received very positively, since the vast majority of Christians in Ethiopia are Orthodox. The Embassy also handed over books of Amharic and Somali proverbs by H. E. Ambassador Pavel Mikeš and a number of other scientific publications. An interesting addition to the library is undoubtedly the publication on the selection of the winning design of the new embassy building in Addis Ababa, published by CTU. The Embassy of the Czech Republic also donated publications on Czech UNESCO sites and an English translation of Karel Čapek's short stories.


The whole meeting had a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and Professor Takele emphasized the Czech Republic as a true friend of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies. He also mentioned the great interest of the Institute in researching the beginnings of Czech-Ethiopian relations, dating back to the mid-18th century, when the Franciscan missionary Václav Remedius Prutký visited Ethiopia. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Ababa believes that cooperation between the two institutions will continue to deepen and that the history of Czech-Ethiopian relations will not only be documented, but will also be provided to the public.


You can see further production of individual publishing houses here:


Academia: www.academia.cz

Catbird Press: www.catbirdpress.com

ČVUT: www.cvut.cz/ceska-technika-nakladatelstvi-cvut

Dar Ibn Rushd: www.daribnrushd.cz

Kant: www.kant-books.cz

Karolinum: www.karolinum.cz

Knopf Publishing: www.knopfdoubleday.com

Kopp: www.kopp.cz

OPS: www.o-p-s.cz

Oxford University Press: www.global.oup.com

Pavel Mervart: www.pavelmervart.cz

Univerzita Hradec Králové: www.edu.uhk.cz

Zdeněk Susa: www.susa.cz


Book gift at Institute of Ethiopian Studies