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Long term visa

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abuja serves nationals and residents of Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic and Republic of Congo.


  • Information regarding visa procedures, requirements and individual applications can ONLY be obtained from the visa officer of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, not from security staff or any other third party. Do not employ agents, travel agencies or other middlemen.

  • The applicants are strongly advised to submit their application at least 3 months prior to the date of departure, as the processing of a visa may take up to 90 days upon receiving a complete application.

  • All applicants have to apply in person at the Embassy.

  • Visa application forms are free of charge.

  • The visa fee is 2 500,-CZK, to be paid in Naira only. Due to legislative changes, with effect from 31. July 2019, all applicants will be charged the visa fee, including those who are traveling for the purpose of study. The visa fee is a processing fee and is to be paid in full, when handing in the application. Should the visa be denied, the Embassy will not refund the money. Fees must be paid in cash. Cheques, bank cards and other currencies are not accepted.

  • As the Embassy does not return forms, photos or any supporting documents, be so kind as to provide the Embassy with certified copies of the original documents you will need to have returned. 

  • In some cases further documents and guarantees will be required, e.g. invitation from your business partner in the Czech Republic, proof of your current occupation or your student status, etc. No vaccination certificates are required unless you are coming from an infected area.

  • Please note that sponsorship letters are not accepted.

  • The date of issue of the documents must not be older than 6 months; this does not apply to passports and registrar´s documents such as birth certificates.

  • Criminal record and medical report need to be officially translated into Czech language.

  • The Embassy of the Czech Republic has the right to interview the applicant for long stay visa, long term residence permit or permanent residence permit.

  • The interview for long term visa is held in English language. The interview for all types of long term/permanent residence permits is held in Czech language only. In case the applicant does not speak Czech, he should retain an interpreter for the interview. In case the applicant does not come with an interpreter, the Embassy might call upon him later to come for an interview.

  • Fake or forged documents will not be returned and will be sent to the relevant authorities.

  • Please note that no information about the stage of a particular visa application will be given to a third party. Only the applicant will be informed about the result.

  • Compliance with the visa conditions does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be issued.

  • If the visa is granted, please verify whether the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete.

  • Further information for foreigners: and


1. Application form - completed and signed by the applicant.

2. Passport (valid at least 3 months after the last day of the planned stay, with at least 2 free pages).

3. 2 recent passport size photographs (with white background).

4. Documents proving sufficient funds to cover his/her living expenses in the Czech Republic - a personal bank statement of the applicant for the last three months must be submitted along with a debit card, which may used for accessing these funds in the Czech Republic.

5. Documents proving the purpose of stay. This can be for example:

a) in case of employment - a work permit (to be applied for by the prospective employer at the local employment office in the Czech Republic) or at least the reference No. of your work permit application including the name of the respective employment office.

b) in case of study - a confirmation that the applicant was accepted for a course of study by the respective educational facility.

c) in case of business - a confirmation by a business entity (an individual business person or a commercial company) registered in the Czech Republic.

d) in case of corporate business (members of a statutory body of a legal entity) articles of association or a notarial deed and an extract from the companies register.

e) in case of self-employment - a registration certificate.

f) in case of dependency (family unification) - a respective registrar document, i.e. marriage or birth certificate. Only original document legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of issue is accepted. 

g) in case of any other purpose please contact our visa section.

6. Accommodation booking(e.g. a lease contract).

7. Criminal record of the applicants home country, as well as country in which he or she has resided for at least 6 months in the last 3 years.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abuja in accordance with § 31 art. a) of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic, asks all applicants for long-stay visas and long-term permit who will submit applications at this embassy to submit a document similar to an extract from a criminal record issued by the State of which the applicant is a national and the same document issued by the States where the applicant has been living continuously in the last 3 years for more than 6 months, or an affidavit if that State does not issue such a document.

8. Applicants from Nigeria must submit a medical report proving that he or she does not have any infectious disease such as tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis etc.

9. Health insurance

Travel health insurance covering medical expenses, including emergency hospital treatment and repatriation, for the entire duration of the stay in the Czech Republic (minimum of medical coverage is 400.000,-Euro). The document is not required for the visa procedure itself, nevertheless, it is necessary to present it on collection of the appropriate visa. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic here.


All supporting documents need to be in Czech language or translated into Czech. The extract from the criminal record should be translated into the Czech language and be put together as one document. This should  be legalized by Nigerian authorities and then superlegalized at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abuja. The Embassy will superlegalize the criminal record, when application submitted.

Please make sure that you follow the correct procedure when legalizing your criminal record (or other official documents).


Official (public - i.e. from governmental institutions) documents, which are not properly legalized, will  not be accepted as supporting  documents!