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Czech Senate Health Committee's Visit to Israel: A Week of Insightful Meetings and Tours

The end of May was an exceptionally busy and productive as the Health Committee of the Senate of the Czech Republic visited Israel. The delegation had a packed agenda filled with valuable meetings and insightful tours, aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the two nations in the field of healthcare.

Czech Senate Health Committee's Visit to Israel

Czech Senate Health Committee's Visit to Israel

Day 1: Meetings at the Knesset and Ministry of Health

The first day of the visit kicked off with a significant meeting with the Israeli Minister of Health, Mr. Uriel Buso. This was followed by discussions with the Health Committee of the Knesset, led by its chairman, Yonathan Mashriki. These meetings provided a platform for exchanging ideas on healthcare challenges and potential solutions.

The delegation then had a productive discussion with Knesset member Boaz Bismuth, focusing on the current political and security situation in Israel. The day at the Knesset concluded with a meeting with Amir Ochana, the Speaker of the Knesset, where the Czech delegation received a warm welcome, highlighting the strong bond between Czechia and Israel.

Later, the committee visited the Ministry of Health. Dr. Asher Shalmon, Director of the Division of International Relations, provided an overview of the Israeli healthcare system. Assaf Parker presented on digital health and medical electronic data, showcasing Israel's advancements in healthcare technology.

The day ended with a short but enriching tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, giving the delegates a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region.

Day 2: Tours and Meetings in Tel Aviv

The second day of the visit was centered around Tel Aviv. The delegation started with a visit to the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, where they met with the hospital CEO, Prof. Ronni Gamzu. They toured the world's largest emergency hospital and met with Dr. Esther Saiag, Deputy Director General for Medical Information and Emergency Preparedness, who provided an extensive overview of emergency preparedness.

The delegation then visited the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv, meeting with Ambassador Veronika Kuchynova Smigolova, further strengthening diplomatic relations.

In the afternoon, the program included a meeting with Dr. Moshe Cohen, who introduced the project of the International Medical School in Eilat. The committee also met representatives from Clalit, Israel's largest health insurance company.

Visit to Sheba Tel HaShomer Hospital

The highlight of the afternoon was a visit to Sheba Tel HaShomer Hospital. At the ARC Innovation Center, the delegation had an inspiring meeting with Prof. Eyal Zimmlichman, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Founder, and Director of ARC. They learned about the digitalization of the healthcare system and its functioning during crises, and were impressed by the innovative approaches and the number of healthcare startups born at Sheba Hospital.

Additionally, the committee met Prof. Gadi Segal and three medical students from the University of Prague, exemplifying the strong academic ties between the two countries.


The visit of the Czech Senate Health Committee to Israel was marked by fruitful discussions, extensive tours, and a warm reception. The delegation expressed their gratitude for the hospitality and recognition of Czech support for Israel, noting the enduring friendship between the two nations. The insights gained and the relationships strengthened during this visit are expected to foster further collaboration in the healthcare sector.