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Get a scholarship for your Master or Ph.D. studies at best Universities of the Czech Republic

Within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance, the Government of the Czech Republic follows its years-old tradition and offers scholarships for the citizens of Georgia for the academic year of 2024/2025 at its best higher educational institutions. The deadline for online registration is 30th of September 2023.

With this article, we would take you into depth about a unique opportunity to study in the Czech Republic with fully funded scholarship programs and give answers to all the questions you might have.

Who can participate?

As Georgia is one of six priority countries of Czech development cooperation, students from Georgia can benefit from Government scholarships both in Czech and English language all around Czech Republic for follow-up Master and Doctoral programs.

The scholarships are intended for those citizens of Georgia who have at least graduated with their bachelor’s degree studies. The choice of study field depends on the applicants, however there are recommended areas, such as technical fields, engineering, agriculture, mathematics and statistics, IT, economics and finance, environment. If one decides to pursue studies in Czech language, a one-year-long preparatory course of the Czech language, which is combined with other field-specific training. This one preparatory year is also fully covered by this scholarship program. At the end of the year, students are taking entrance exams in Czech language to the universities they have chosen during the preparatory phase. Successful passing of entrance examinations constitutes a precondition for a scholarship award.

For the English language studies, applicants select directly the university offering English program and pass online exam from English language when registering online. The change of university at later administrative stage is not possible. The final selection of students is made by respective universities. The Doctoral studies  are in English language only.

The Czech Republic has been supporting students of foreign nationals since the 1950s

Granting scholarships to citizens from developing countries for studies at Czech public higher education institutions is an important part of the foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic and has a long tradition. From the late 1950s to the present day over 20 000 foreign nationals have completed their studies from Czech universities with a scholarship of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Government scholarships for studies at universities in the Czech Republic are governed by a Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic as part of a joint project pursued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (https://www.msmt.cz/) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://www.mzv.cz/).

Why studying in the Czech Republic is a good idea? Here are some impressive data for you!

The Czech Republic is located in central Europe and is a member of the European Union since 2004. As such, it is the 7th most sustainable country to live in and based on the Global Peace Index, it is the 8th most safe country in the world. Moreover, as a student, you will find that the Czech Republic is one of the most affordable countries to live in Europe – for example, monthly costs for meals, accommodation, public transport, and cultural activities are approximately 350-750 USD per person.

It is worth mentioning that Prague and Brno are among the top 10 student cities in the world, so you will enjoy living and studying there a lot! Once you are a student in the European Union, you have an opportunity to travel around and learn more about the culture and history of Europe.

How much is the scholarship and is the funding enough for living in the Czech Republic?

The scholarship covers all expenses (14 000 CZK), including housing and pocket money.. Although monthly costs can vary depending on the lifestyle of a student, what matters most is where you study. In larger cities like Prague or Brno, you’ll pay more for accommodation, which is the biggest expense. However, you can save money by staying in a student dorm.

What are the documents I should submit and when is the deadline?

Each applicant is obliged to fill in an electronic application form available at http://registr.dzs.cz/registr.nsf at the latest by 30 September of the year prior to the given academic year (i.e. the calendar year that precedes the academic year for which scholarships are offered). Detailed information on the terms and conditions of scholarship awards is provided in the binding "Guidelines for Granting Scholarships of the Government of the Czech Republic", issued in Czech and English:

Prospective applicants are advised to read carefully the guidelines before applying. The interviews with the selected candidates (based on the results of online tests) will take place in October. Students in Czech program run only general knowledge test (in English….), students applying for English program will run in addition English-language test.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance do not hesitate to contact Czech National Agency for International Education and Research at  registr@dzs.cz or Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi at  tbilisi@embassy.mzv.cz

You can also find additional information on Scholarships | Study in Czechia

Good luck!