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Photo: MFA CZ
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic on the Russian invasion against Ukraine

A few hours ago, the armed forces of the Russian Federation entered the territory of Ukraine. This happened almost exactly eight years after the Russian Federation occupied the Ukrainian Crimea.

Despite the fact that the countries of the democratic community have made every effort to resolve the escalating situation, that Russia has been stirring up in recent months, exclusively by diplomatic means, we are witnessing Russia's unjustifiable and unfounded aggression against Ukraine. At this moment, Russia is trampling on the elementary principles of European security architecture, international law, and peaceful coexistence between nations, which it itself cynically invokes. After years of laboriously built stability, Russia is bringing war, chaos and suffering to Europe, not only to countless innocent Ukrainians, but also to its own citizens and other Europeans.

The massive disinformation campaign and artificially created reasons for aggression prepared by the Russian security forces in eastern Ukraine can in no way justify the Russian invasion and hide the culprit of the current crisis. Only yesterday, the Russian ambassador in Prague claimed to the Czech Foreign Ministry that reports about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas were mere disinformation from the Western media.  Unfortunately, it is therefore obvious that lying has become a common tool of Russian state power, including diplomacy.

We condemn the completely unacceptable behaviour of the Russian Federation, which in no way has anything to do with modern European political norms and sets our continent back many decades. It is obvious that in doing so, Russia is not strengthening its security but, on the contrary, is escalating the current security crisis to critical proportions. It is all the sadder that the citizens of Russia, who endured so much suffering during the Second World War, are allowing their leadership to stir up hatred in Europe against other nations and wage an offensive war against their closest neighbours.

The Kremlin's return to the historically outdated traditions of the Soviet Union's imperialist, expansionist, and reckless policy, which the Czechs have also had unfortunate experiences with, cannot bring anything good to the citizens of Russia either. Our response, including sanctions, will have a profound impact on Russia's economy and technological development, and therefore on the quality of life of each and every one of them. And, through the fault of their leadership, they will be forced to live in a country that will lose its credibility and prestige for a long time, with all the consequences. 

The West has never been an enemy of the Russians. It is the current Russian leadership, and only the current Russian leadership, that is manoeuvring the entire country into this position, with no regard for the cost to the citizens of Russia, including the lives that will be lost in a needless and senseless war.

Together with its NATO allies, the EU and other partners, Czechia stands with Ukraine at this difficult moment. We will continue to support Ukrainians in their just desire to decide their own destiny independently and to strive for a democratic future and a Euro-Atlantic orientation for their country.

We again strongly urge the Russian Federation to back down from its military aggression, withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory and return to the negotiating table. Otherwise, it will face massive consequences for its actions.

Ambassadors of EU in Bulgaria express solidarity to Ukraine

Ambassadors of EU in Bulgaria express solidarity to Ukraine