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General information


Application procedure

The Czech Embassy / Consulate is only competent for receiving an application for a long-term visa and residence permit, the competent body for processing the application is the Ministry of Interior (MOI). During the procedure, the Czech Embassy /Consulate communicates with the applicant, invites him/her for a hearing or calls on him/her to pick up the visa or Information about the refusal.

The application procedures are governed by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals (pdf, 1.5 MB), the Administrative Procedure Code (pdf, 549 kB), and any other associated acts. 

If the specified requirements have not been submitted with the application or it has other discrepancies, then during the proceedings, the MOI or the Czech Embassy / Consulate can invite you for an interview, request that you complete the requirements for the application; likewise, the Czech Embassy / Consulate is entitled to take your fingerprints or take a pictorial record of you.

An application for a long-term visa is considered inadmissible if:

  • not all of the requirements specified by law were submitted with it,
  • the foreign national refuses to have his/her fingerprints or a pictorial record taken,
  • it was not filed on the prescribed form,
  • it was not filed at the pertinent Czech Embassy / Consulate

In such a case, the Czech Embassy / Consulate returns the application form, all of the requirements submitted and the administrative fee to the foreign national who filed an inadmissible application, whilst informing him/her of the reasons for considering the application to be inadmissible.

It is always necessary to file the application for a long-term visa in person (the Czech Embassy / Consulate can only waive this obligation in well-substantiated cases).

In accordance with § 169 of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic and on the amendment of certain laws (as amended), the working languages ​​of our office are Czech, Chinese and English, with the exception of conducting interrogations, which according to § 16 of the Administrative Code are always performed in Czech.

The documents that you have been asked to submit by the MOI should always be submitted within the set deadlines. Not providing the requirements is a reason for not granting a visa. Naturally, during the procedure, you can submit other documents that you consider important for your application. Remember that travel documents must always be submitted in person. 

Appointment for the submission

Applicants from ZhejiangJiangsu, Anhuiand Shanghai who wish to apply for Long-term Visa or Residence Permit to the Czech Republic must apply directly at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Shanghai.  

Prior appointment set via our email address shanghai.visa@mzv.gov.cz is needed. For more information please visit this.

Application status

The Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic allows following the status of your visa application by using a unique application number you have received when you applied at the Consulate. For more information visit https://frs.gov.cz/en/ioff/application-status

The decision on granting a long-term visa/residence permit
In the case of a positive appraisal of your application, the Czech Embassy / Consulate at which you filed the application will contact you to arrange a date for picking up the long-term visa.

A decision on not granting a long-term visa

The MOI does not grant a long-term visa, if, for instance

  1. you, upon request by the MOI or the Czech Embassy / Consulate, do not report for an interview or do not submit the documents for verifying the data presented in the application for a long-term visa within the set deadline or despite conducting an interview or assessing the documents submitted, this data cannot be verified;
  2. you fill in the application for granting a long-term visa untruthfully;
  3. you submit forged or altered requirements or the data necessary for appraising the application presented in them does not correspond to the truth, or
  4. you are recorded in the register of persona non grata,
  5. you are included in the Schengen Information System,
  6. there is a reasonable risk that during your stay in the Czech Republic you could threaten state security, seriously disturb public order or endanger the international relations of the CR,
  7. there is a reasonable risk that during your stay in the territory of another signatory country you could threaten state security, seriously disturb public order or endanger international relations of signatory states, or
  8. there is reasonable suspicion that you have a disease listed in the Ministry of Health decree [Decree No. 274/2004 Coll. (pdf, 562 kB)],
  9. prior to affixing the long-term residence permit, you do not submit a document on medical travel insurance that corresponds to the specified conditions and, upon request, a document on paying the insurance presented in the document on medical travel insurance, or
  10. facts are ascertained indicating that after the cessation of the stay set out by the long-term residence permit you will not leave the territory or intend to abuse the long-term residence permit for another purpose.

In the event of not being granted a long-term visa, the MOI will inform you in writing of the reasons for not granting the long-term visa. In such a case, within 15 days of receiving the information about not being granted the long-term visa, you may request the MOI directly for a new appraisal of the reasons for not granting a visa (appeal). Within 60 days, the MOI will inform you in writing of the result of the new appraisal of the reasons for not granting a visa.