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History of Czech Canadian relations

In the beginning of 1920, intensive relations (immigrants, business and development opportunities) led to discussions on establishing a Czechoslovak representation with diplomatic powers in Canada. On October 20th 1920 the Czechoslovak consulate was officially opened in Montreal. By January 4th 1923 the consulate was promoted to Consulate General. In those days, the diplomatic agenda was overseen by the Czechoslovak Embassy in London.

After March 15th 1939 Canada continued to recognize the legal existence of Czechoslovak Republic, as well as the activities of the Czechoslovak consulate in Montreal. On October 12, 1940 Canada acknowledged the exiled Czechoslovak government in London and its representative, Frantisek Pavlasek in Canada.  In March 1942, the Czechoslovak government in London approved the establishment of a Czechoslovak representation in Ottawa, and the appointment of Frantisek Pavlasek in the position of a chargé d´affaires.

However, this decision was later changed and Frantisek Pavlasek was to be recognized as official envoy, since the Canadian government considered the representation on the level of chargé d´affaires inadequate. Eventually, in response to a Czechoslovak note dated April 2, 1942, the British Foreign office confirmed on June 17, 1942, that the British king granted the request to name Frantisek Pavlasek as Czechoslovak official envoy to Canada. This formally established the Czechoslovak and Canadian diplomatic relations. The Czechoslovak representation located in Ottawa officially launched its activities on August 14 1942.

On July 30, 1962 the Czechoslovak and the Canadian governments elevated their diplomatic relationship to an ambassadorial level. The news was published on August 21 and 22, 1962.


Consular and diplomatic representatives of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic

Mr. Bohuslav RYZNAR Consul 11.11.1920
Mr. František KVĚTOŇ Consul 4.4.1925
  Consul General 25.31929
Mr. Karel MOSER Consul General 7.12.1929
Mr. František PAVLÁSEK Consul General 28.5.1934
Mr. František PAVLÁSEK CDA 24.3.1942
Mr. Karel Sakh CDA 1.7.1946
Mr. František NĚMEC Envoy 11.3.1947
Mr. Stanislav Klíma CDA 11.3.1948
Mr. Zdeněk Roškot CDA 10.2.1950
Mr. Bedřich HRUŠKA Envoy 5.1.1955
Mr. Jaroslav TAUER Envoy 8.4.1960
Mr. Jaroslav TAUER Ambassador 16.10.1962
Mr. Miroslav ŽEMLA Ambassador 24.9.1964
Mr. Ivan ROHAL - ILKIV Ambassador 9.10.1968
Mr. Břetislav MATONOHA Ambassador 19.1.1970
Mr. Jaromír JOHANES Ambassador 26.11.1974
Mr. Štefan MURÍN Ambassador 19.10.1976
Mr. Vincent BUŽEK Ambassador 2.9.1982
Mr. Ján JANOVIC Ambassador 4.1.1987
Mr. Rudolf SCHUSTER Ambassador 28.8.1990
Mr. Stanislav Chýlek CDA 3.5.1992
  Ambassador 28.6.1993
Mr. Vladimír KOTZY Ambassador 19.3.1998
Mr. Pavel VOŠALÍK Ambassador 2.9.2004
Mr. Karel ŽEBRAKOVSKÝ Ambassador 21.10.2008
Mr. Robert Tripes CDA 2013-2014
Mr. Pavel Hrnčíř Ambassador 18. 2. 2015