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The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila supported rehabilitation of a marine protected area and mangroves

The Embassy of the Czech Republic has successfully finalized implementation of a small-scale development project „Support to Community-based Marine Protected Area Management and Mangrove Rehabilitation“.

A small-scale development project aimed at supporting community-based protection of a marine protected area and mangrove rehabilitation has been successfully carried out within the framework of Czech Republic Development Cooperation. Through its partner organization, Bohol Integrated Development Foundation Inc. (BIDEF), the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila has implemented the project on Bohol island, Central Philippines.

The goal of the project was combatting the impact of climate change by means of coastal mangrove area rehabilitation, reconstruction of a guard house destroyed during an earthquake and typhoon, and acquisition of a patrol boat. The guard house and the patrol boat have significantly boosted protection of a unique marine protected area from illegal fishing and damaging, and coastal mangroves rehabilitation has secured more favourable conditions for breeding of fish and other marine animals that ensures a sustainable food and economic income for the local population that is, to a significant extent, dependent on fishing.

The project targeted one of the priorities of the Philippine government, i. e.combatting the impact of climate change. The Czech Republic, through its partner organization, delivered a complex solution for coast protection from sea level rise by means of mangrove planting, coral reef protection and securing food income for local inhabitants. Prominently positive is full and long-term sustainability of the project, as well as local government’s participation.

The complex coastal protection is intensified by involving local inhabitants united in „People’s organization“. Its members ensure maintenance and long-term care for both newly planted mangroves and those that were previously damaged by human and natural effects.

Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Dalibor Mička, and Assistant to the Ambassador, Ms. Karren Fetalvero, carried out a monitoring mission and visited the project location. Having met local government representatives and leaders, the representatives of the Embassy were shown outcomes of the project. They appreciated high quality of the project and significant economic benefit for the grateful local people. This successful project has positively influenced the quality of life of the local population and manifested efficacy of Czech Republic development cooperation.


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