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Photo: Aaron Perez/Villa Aurora
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Czech Mark on the 95th Academy Awards

Over 500 guests gathered together on Saturday, March 11th at Villa Aurora (former residence of Lion Feuchtwanger since he left Nazi Germany for Los Angeles exile) to attend PRE-OSCAR® RECEPTION for the German Oscar entry All Quiet on the Western Front which was filmed in the Czech Republic.

The event  was a festivity of Czech, German and Austrian cooperation that led to the incredible achievement of winning of 7 BAFTAs (the highest number ever for a non-English language film) including Best Picture, it has an incredible 9 Academy Award nominations, including nominations for Czech artists in following categories: Sound (Viktor Prášil), Visual Effects (Viktor Müller, Kamil Jafar), and Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Linda Eisenhamerová).
 In addition to nominees the event was joined by special guests from the Czech Republic, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Mr. Michal Šašek and the CEO of Barrandov Studio, Petr Tichý. 

The event was created in cooperation with Barrandov Studio and Czech Film Commission. 

Though none of our four Czech nominees heard the much awaited "And Academy Award goes to....", we are happy that All Quiet on the Western Front won an asounding four Oscars at the 95th Academy Awards. In addition to being recognized as Best International Feature, the film was acknowledged for Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design.  Congratulations!


As of now,  22 Czechs and Czech-born artists and filmmakers got the famous statue of Oscar.

1938 Karl Freund (cinematography: The Good Earth)

1939 Erich Korngold (music: The Adventures of Robin Hood)

1940 Fred Sersen (b. Ferdinand Sršeň) (special effects: The Rains Came)

1944 Fred Sersen (special effects: Crash Dive)

1948 Ivan Jandl (outstanding juvenile performance: The Search)

1950 Harry Horner (b. Heinrich Horner) (best art direction - set decoration, black-and-white: The Heiress)

1955 Karl Freund (special technical achievement award)

1962 Irwin Kostal (music: West Side Story)

1961 Harry Horner (art production: The Hustler)

1964 Emil Kosa Jr. (visual effects: Cleopatra)

1966 foreign language film Obchod na korze (dir. Ján Kadár + Elmar Klos)

1966 Irwin Kostal (music: Sound of Music)

1966 Alexander Hammid (b. Alexandr Hackenschmied) (short documentary: To Be Alive!)

1968 foreign language film Ostře sledované vlaky (dir. Jiří Menzel)

1976 Miloš Forman (director: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

1985 Miloš Forman (director: Amadeus)

1985 Karel Černý (art production: Amadeus)

1985 Theodor Pištěk (costumes: Amadeus)

1997 foreign language film Kolja (dir. Jan Svěrák)

1998 Jan Pinkava (short film animated: Geri's Game)

1999 Tom Stoppard (b. Tomáš Straussler) (original screenplay: Shakespeare in Love)

2008 Markéta Irglová (music - original song: Falling Slowly, film Once)

(list created by Jaroslav Olša, Jr.)

Los Angeles, 11 March 2023