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Generální konzulka - Mgr. Olga Hajflerová



Generální konzulka - Mgr. Olga Hajflerová

Generální konzulka - Mgr. Olga Hajflerová

Olga Hajflerová, née Čechurová

Curriculum Vitae


10/1990 – 9/1995            Charles University Prague, Faculty of Natural Sciences  Master in Biology

9/1999 – 1/2000             Diplomatic Academy of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alumna


Professional career:

07/2023-                            Consul General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul

03/2020-06/2023           Deputy Security Policy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

01/2018 - 03/2020          Head of NATO Unit, Security Policy Department, MFA

08/2016 - 12/2017           Desk Officer, Development and Humanitarian Aid Dpt., MFA

09/2011 - 07/2012           Head of COREPER I/B Unit, EU Policies Department, MFA

09/2010 - 09/2011           Desk Officer, Northern and Eastern Europe Department, MFA

01/2007 - 08/2010          Desk Officer, Human Rights and Transition Policies Dpt., MFA

12/2002 - 01/2007           Second Secretary, Political Section, Czech Representation to the EU,                                                          Brussels

06/2001 - 12/2002           Roma Issues Coordinator of the MFA and Head of Minorities´ Unit

10/2000 - 02/2001          Attaché, Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the OSCE, UN                                                            and Other International Organisations, Vienna

02/2000 - 06/2001          Desk Officer, Human Rights Department, MFA

01/2000                              joined the diplomatic service

07/1997 - 08/1999            Assistant to Member of European Parliament (Olivier Dupuis, ARE)

02/1997 - 08/1999           Permanent Representative of a Consultative NGO to the UN Offices  in                                                      Geneva (Non-violent Transnational Radical Party)

11/1995 - 10/1996             Researcher, Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences



Marital status:                   Married, one child

Languages:                         English, French, Russian, Italian

Hobbies:                             Gardening, cross-country skiing, history