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Photo: GK HK
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CzechXmas at PMQ: Celebrating the spirit of Czech Christmas in Hong Kong

Between December 14th and January 1st visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of Czech Christmas during CzechXmas 2023, presented by the Czech Consulate in Hong Kong and co-organized by PMQ. A special exhibition “Hang it On” curated by the talented product designer Linda Procházka will showcase the long-standing tradition and exquisite craftsmanship of Czech glass ornaments. Visitors can admire a selection of ornaments manufactured by 20 unique brands including heritage glass producers and contemporary Czech designers.

CzechXmas “Hang it On” Exhibition

The exhibition “Hang it On” is partly based on the Czech Centres Exhibition „Christmas Treasure“ and cooperation with Museum of Glass and Jewellery, but goes beyond it by bringing latest design pieces from Czech artists and designers, as well as Linda´s own special designs made from lythialin glass.

A nicely decorated Christmas tree is an integral part of a typical Christmas celebrations in Czechia. Although the first glass ornaments manufactured in Jizera Mountains in Czechia date from mid-19th century, a true boom of the production came only in the 20th century.

CzechXmas 2023 brings to you examples of ornaments created by heritage brands Ornex; Irisa; OZDOBA; Rautis; Vánoční ozdoby – DUV, družstvo; Glassor Decorations; Slezská tvorba. The Poniklá-made glass bead ornaments such us the ones from Rautis deserve a special mention as they were inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2020 due to the unique method of their creation, exclusive to Czechia. Moreover, in 2023, UNESCO declared manual glass production to be an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Modern approach to Christmas ornaments is presented by PRECIOSA and Rückl, as well as in original designs by Czech designers aleFo, P3L1, Jan Bican, Pookraj and Renata Fucikova. The curator Linda introduces special ornaments produced on 3D printing machines by Prusa Design