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Passport with biometrics (E-passport)

The passport contains machine-readable data and a chip with biometric data. E-passports are issued by the relevant authorities of the Czech Republic, valid for ten (10) years, AND, for persons up to 15 years old, valid for five (5) years. The validity of the passport cannot be extended. An administrative fee is to be paid when applying for a passport.

When applying for a passport at an embassy, the processing time is up to 120 days (i.e. 4 months) from the date of submission. In Australia, you can apply for a passport at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra (ACT residents ONLY) OR the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney (rest of Australia and New Zealand residents).

If you need a passport within a shorter period of time, we recommend applying for a new passport directly in the Czech Republic. If you apply in the Czech Republic, the legal processing time for issuing a passport is up to 30 days, AND, if you apply for expedited processing, the passport will be issued within 5 working days or even 24 hours. Further details can be found HERE (czech only).

Mandatory requirements when applying for a passport at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra:

The application is to be submitted in person after a confirmed appointment is booked at consular_canberra@mzv.cz. Children under 15 years of age must be applied for by their legal guardians (parents) or custodians; persons over 15 years of age must apply on their own with the consent of their legal guardian (parent) or custodian, who must be present when the application is made. Applicants over the age of 12 will be fingerprinted when they apply. A fee (Pol. 157) will be charged for the issuance of the passport at the time of application, as per the current fee schedule.


1) If you hold a valid ID card (občanský průkaz) OR passport, and are not applying to change your details:

Citizens who intend to prove their identity and citizenship with an ID card are advised to check its validity on the Ministry of the Interior's website (https://aplikace.mvcr.cz/neplatne-doklady/default.aspx). In some cases, when a change of residential address occurs, the ID card may be transferred to the database of invalid documents, even though it has not yet expired.

To be provided (mandatory documents):

  • a valid identity card or passport; and
  • 1x photograph of the applicant, measuring 7 x 5 cm (the photograph must show the applicant in a frontal view, showing their head and upper arms). A turned head is not allowed. The height of the facial part of the head (distance from the eyes to the chin) is at least 13 mm. The distance between the top of the head and the top edge of the photograph shall be at least 3 mm. The background behind the subject shall be white to light blue or light grey. The photograph is matt (no glare); and
  • a declaration of non-disappearance of nationality - this can be completed prior to arrival at the embassy to reduce the processing time (attached at the end of this article); and
  • consent to the processing of personal data form (attached at the end of this article).

Note: if the documents submitted do not include the applicant's birth number, proof of the applicant's birth number must also be provided (the applicant's birth or marriage certificate showing the applicant's birth number, OR, a separate proof of the assigned birth number).


If a parent applies for a new passport for a child under 15 years of age, he/she shall submit:

  • a valid passport (or identity card) of the child or a certificate of citizenship of the child (not older than one year); and
  • the child's Czech birth certificate (original or officially certified copy); and
  • 1x photograph of the child (size 7 x 5 cm); and
  • valid Czech ID card or passport of one of the parents.

If a parent is applying for a passport for a child born in Australia, it is first necessary to obtain a certificate of the child's Czech citizenship and register the child in a special registry office in Brno. Only then can a passport for the child be applied for.


2) If you do not have a valid ID card OR passport:

To be provided:

  • 1x photo of the applicant (size 7 x 5cm); and
  • a valid proof of citizenship (e.g. certificate of Czech citizenship not older than 12 months); and
  • valid relevant civil registry documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate) with the applicant's birth number; and
  • declaration of citizenship - it is recommended to complete before the appointment at the embassy, to reduce the processing time (attached at the end of this article); and
  • Consent to the processing of personal data form (attached at the end of this article).

Note: if you do not have a valid document of Czech citizenship, e.g. a certificate of Czech citizenship (valid for 1 year from the date of issue), you must first apply for this certificate at our embassy and only after it has been issued, you may apply for a passport.


3) If the new passport is to bear a changed name OR surname (e.g. after marriage):

To be provided:

  •     1 x photograph (7 x 5 cm); and
  •     a valid identity document; and
  •     a document of name change issued in the Czech Republic (e.g. Czech marriage certificate, birth certificate in case of a name change, etc.); and

If you do not have a valid ID (e.g. after the wedding, when the marriage registry office cut off part of the ID card), you must also present a valid certificate of Czech citizenship (see above). If you have not been issued a Czech marriage certificate after the marriage, you must first apply for this document and only then can you apply for a new passport (in this case, the applicant must appear at the embassy twice).

  • Declaration of citizenship - can be filled in before arriving at the embassy, which will reduce the processing time (attached at the end of this article); and
  • Consent to the processing of personal data form (attached at the end of this article).

Please note that if the marriage involves a change of surname, the passport expires three (3) months after the date of the marriage.


Pick up of passport

When the embassy receives your passport, you will be requested to collect it. Persons over 15 years of age will collect their passport in person (i.e. the parent who was present when the child aged 15-18 applied no longer needs to be present).

The handover of a passport is subject to verification of identity i.e. either by applicant's old passport, ID card, birth certificate OR the certificate of Czech citizenship (on the basis of which the application was accepted).

If the applicant wishes to collect the travel document at the honorary consulate, a prepaid envelope must be provided at the time of application, in which the issued document will be sent to the relevant honorary consulate for collection. i.e. for Australia: Express post satchel + signature delivery sticker.


Return of old passport

According to Section 32(1)(b) of Act No 329/1999 Coll. on Travel Documents, the holder of a travel document, including a passport, is obliged to return the old (invalid) travel document to the authority competent to issue it or to other authorities specified in this provision, without undue delay.

If a citizen refuses to return an old (invalid) passport, it may be seized pursuant to Section 32(4) of Act No. 329/1999 Coll. and such an act may be prosecuted as an offence pursuant to Section 42b(g) of Act No. 200/1990 Coll., on offences, as amended by Act No. 62/2002 Coll.


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