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Call for proposals for Local Small Scale Development Projects 2024

The Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Armenia is pleased to launch its annual call for proposals for the Local Small Scale Development Projects 2024.


Local Small Scale Development Projects (SSP) are one of the instruments of the development cooperation of the Czech Republic. SSPs are identified by the respective Embassies of the Czech Republic (through applications submitted by potential implementers) and approved by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CZ MFA). SSPs aim to contribute to the local subject by small-scale development activities in accordance with the beneficiary country's national development priorities.

In Armenia, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan manages the grants program, while local organizations (e.g. NGOs) implement the projects. The foreseen budget per project is 200 000 - 500 000 CZK (roughly 8 000 - 20 000 EUR).



  • The applicant (implementer of the SSP) must be a registered local subject with legal personality in Armenia, whose basic activity is not profit making.
  • Implementer must be eligible to sign a contract with the CZ MFA that establishes jurisdiction of Czech laws and Czech courts.
  • It is desirable that the implementer cooperates with Czech subjects, e.g. would purchase Czech products, use Czech know-how, etc.
  • Czech financial contribution per project is 200,000 CZK – 500,000 CZK (co-financing from other sources is desirable). We strongly encourage you not to aim at the highest possible threshold of funding.
  • The total sum of personal and travel expenses - salary/fee (project coordinator, financial manager, accountant, administrator, etc.), subsistence allowance, accommodation, travel costs, eventually insurance and vaccination of the experts, must not exceed 25 % of the project's total costs. We also strongly encourage you to limit personnel and travel expenses, because exaggerated expenditures for salaries and travel reduce chances for funding.
  • Funds are allocated to non-political and non-governmental groups only.
  • Submitted proposals can be changed based on the notice from the Embassy until the deadline set by the Embassy.



  • The implementing organization should have had previous experience from cooperation with Czech subjects (Czech NGOs, academia, Czech regional administrations, Czech Embassy, etc.).
  • The project proposals shall be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations, and with the Czech Development Cooperation strategy. We strongly encourage you to focus on one specific activity since proposals that are too fragmented have lower chances of funding.
  • Since coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the recent conflict, some social groups have been hit particularly hard. The projects should ideally cover the needs of at least one of the following vulnerable groups as stipulated below:
    • youth
    • women, people with disabilities, national or other minorities
    • populations of extremely isolated rural communities
  • Desirable geographic focus:
    • Villages and small town communities.
    • Marzes which have established cooperation with Czech regions, Czech NGOs or include towns that have twin partner towns in Czechia. Those are (in alphabetical order): Armavir, Gegharkunik, Lori, Syunik, Tavush, Vayots Dzor.
  • Each applicant may submit only one proposal.



  • Formal requirements.
  • Developmental relevance of the project to Armenia's needs and priorities. More sophisticated projects (e.g. including sharing know-how rather than basic material help) have a higher chance of success.
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency (including amount of co-financing).
  • Feasibility and sustainability of project results.
  • Effectiveness of project results, logic of the project.



  • Implementation of the project can be started only after signing the contract (expected in March 2024).
  • Project implementation must not exceed October 31, 2024 (project billing must also be done by this date).
  • SSP does not include the payment of the implementer's administrative costs.
  • The financial amount approved for the implementation of the SSP in CZK is also binding for the conversion into foreign currency.
  • One of the crucial conditions is project sustainability (meaning the project would be able to run in the future without further financial support).
  • Tangible assets of the project should be marked with the logo of Czech development cooperation. In the case of a project's intangible assets, it is always necessary to mention the financial support of the Czech development cooperation.
  • The transfer of funds between items in the approved identification form must be justified in writing to Embassy and described in the final report.



  • The project implementer is obliged to submit a written final project report, including financial report to the Embassy no later than one month after the end of the project,
  • The photo documentation of the project outcomes has to be attached to the final report by the implementer.




Application package must be delivered in both paper AND electronic versions. The application package must include:

  • 1. Identification form filled in English (also attached below) - typed on a computer, stamped and signed by the authorized person. Failure to submit the proposal with budget in CZK will result in automatic rejection of your application.
  • 2. Copy of the certificate of legal registration of the applicant (legal person).
  • No other annexes than the Identification Form and the Copy of the certificate of legal registration are required! Additional burden of unnecessary documents may reduce the chances for funding.


Submission terms: In order to be considered eligible, the complete application package must be delivered both in hard copy (in a sealed envelope to the Czech Embassy, Nalbandyan 48/1, Yerevan) and electronically by e-mail to yerevan@embassy.mzv.cz (e-mail subject: Local Small Scale Development Project proposal 2024). The deadline for submission is Friday September 29, 2023 at 14:00.  Every application will be registered; the Embassy will not confirm the submission of individual applications. Applications submitted/delivered after the deadline will not be considered.


The sealed envelope must be labelled as follows:

Program: Local Small Scale Development Project - Identification Form 2024

Organization name:

Acting through (name, surname, position):

Address (street, town, postal code, country):

Landline and mobile phone number:



Official exchange rate between AMD and CZK valid for September 2023 is as follows:

1 AMD = 0,058050 CZK (i.e. 100000 AMD = 5805 CZK)


SSP Identification Form 2023 74 KB XLS (Excel document) Sep 1, 2023