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Call for Small Scale Development Projects 2018

Relevant Armenian legal entities (NGOs, non-state healthcare, educational, social and cultural organizations, cooperatives, communities and local administration institutions) are invited to present for consideration their projects in the framework of the “Small Scale Development Projects Programme” of the Czech Republic Development Cooperation.

Although the type and focus of the projects are not strictly defined, the project should be basically oriented to support the development activities by supply of materials or equipment, training, financial support to the activities of local authorities, capacity building, participation on larger project (incl. international projects). The project should be complementary to the development strategy of Armenia.

Financial contribution from the Czech Development Assistance per project should not exceed 200.000 CZK (7.700 EUR approx.), cost sharing and/or co-financing is welcome. The aggregate share of personal and travel costs must not exceed 25 % of the amount financed by the Czech side.

Please find attached Local Small Scale Project Identification Form (bellow), which needs to be filled in, stamped, signed and delivered in paper form as well as in scanned copy to the Embassy by October 10 2017 (please note, that the budgetary information must be presented in CZK, using the official Embassy exchange rate; this rate is changing and will be provided upon request). Together with the Identification Form, a copy of a document certifying the applicant as a legal entity in Armenia, as well as a document authorizing the competent person to act on behalf of the entity, must be submitted.

Presented projects are submitted to the Selection Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for final decision. This Committee mainly evaluates 1) formalities of presented proposal (identification form, certificates etc.), 2) relevance of the project (for development strategy of Armenia and Czech development goals, description of problems to be solved by the project etc.), 3) usefulness of the project, 4) efficiency and effectiveness (use of right indicators, transparent budget structure, cost sharing etc.), 5) sustainability of the project (ownership of the project, capacity, possibility of further financing etc.).

The implementation of the project can start after signing of the contract with the Embassy in March or April 2018 and needs to be completed by October 31, 2018 at the latest.

More on Czech Development Cooperation: http://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/foreign_relations/development_cooperation_and_humanitarian/index.html

Identification form (XLS, 71 KB)