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The International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice (ICEFA Lidice) was established in 1967 to commemorate the child victims from the Czech village of Lidice murdered by German Nazis, as well as all other children who have died in wars. Although national initially, this exhibition became an international one in 1973 and since then it has become well known among children and teachers not only in Czechia but literally all over the world. In recent years, more than 25,000 very good works of art have been arriving regularly, including from Armenia: https://www.mdvv-lidice.cz/en/current/invitation/

The UN General Assembly declared 2020 International Year of Plant Health. Healthy plants are important for all life on Earth, for the proper functioning of ecosystems and for food safety. Plant pests and diseases damage crops, decrease availability of food and increase the cost of food production. Helping to maintain sound environment, forests and biodiversity and overcome climatic changes, healthy plants support the fight against famine, poverty and malnutrition. Plants, big and small, belong to the landscape just as the landscape belongs to man since time immemorial.

The 48th ICEFA Lidice features the following theme: LANDSCAPE

Sub-themes: • Life of plants and trees • Diversity and forms of landscapes • Landscape and home • Landscape affected by human activity • Spirit of landscape – its mood, fragrance, sounds • Architecture and landscape • Animals in the landscape • Horizons

Eligibility conditions

• The participation in exhibition is open only to children at age of 4 to 16 as individuals or as representatives of schools and art clubs. Handicapped participants can enter the exhibition regardless of age. • The maximum format for a 2D entry – 70 × 50 cm. • The maximum format for a 3D entry – 100 × 70 × 40 cm, weight max. 10 kg. • A maximum of two entries of the same form (painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, film/animation, art objects) by one artist is acceptable; one artist can send in several entries of different forms. • This is to appeal to teachers to select carefully the entries to create as good school collection as possible. • Use spray fixativ for entries employing colours that can be dusted or wiped off. • Only photos on good-quality paper are acceptable. • Films/animations – max. length: 3 minutes. (Eligibility for the competition requires compliance with both the simplified and the complete conditions at www.mdvv-lidice.cz)


The closing date for applications to the 48th edition is 14 February 2020

Application for the competition

1. To register your participation, please, fill in the Application Form to be downloaded from http://www.mdvv-lidice.cz/vyzva/. The filled-in application and the name list of participants are to be attached to entries. Labelling of entries 2. To label entries, please use the LABEL (to be downloaded from the website above). a. Child‘s name and surname b. Child‘s age, year of birth and gender c. Name and full address of the school or organization responsible for sending the entry (Id. no. of the organization, name of the school, street, postcode, city) Information on awards will be sent to this address. d. E-mail address of the organization to be used for communication on the exhibition - please, indicate the website of the school, the current e-mail address of the school or organization and the e-mail address of the art teacher(s) responsible for sending in the entries so that they could be informed about the competition. e. If a child participates as an individual, indicate their name, age, gender and home address, including an e-mail for communication (of a parent of theirs). To label entries, please, use the LABEL (to be downloaded from the website above). Please, fill in the label in block letters and Latin alphabet (preferably on a PC). Entries with illegible or incomplete labels will be excluded from the competition. The grounds for the exclusion of an entry from the competition: Only original copies are eligible.

Copies, photocopies and digital copies are not eligible for assessment. Only such entries will be eligible for assessment that stick to the theme set for the competition. Entries larger than allowed, entries in passe-partout, mounted on colour or other papers and entries lacking a proper label will be excluded. The maximum weight of a consignment containing entries must not exceed 10 kgs. Each entry has to be properly labelled. After the main exhibition is finished, smaller exhibitions will be created from the awardwinning entries to tour other venues in Czechia and abroad.