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Photo: Prague Quadrennial
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Prague Quadrennial 2023 - Official Announcement and Call for Applications

The next 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial, the largest international festival of theatre and stage design, will take place from 8th to 18th June 2023. The deadline for Applications for the main exhibitions is on 30th November 2021.

The Prague Quadrennial (PQ) was founded in 1967 as an international exhibition of theatre design and architecture. Over the years, it has become a unique platform that connects artists, institutions, professionals, researchers, students and the general public via various projects and activities. Once every four years, it all culminates in an 11-day festival in Prague.

The Prague Quadrennial is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and realized by the Arts and Theatre Institute. It is open not only to official representation of countries and regions within the main exhibitions but also to independent artists and artist collectives, educators and students who can participate in the extensive program of additional projects.

The next 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial will take place from 8th to 18th June 2023. Pražská Tržnice (the former Prague slaughterhouse and meat market) will serve as the main venue. The theme is the RARE: art springing out of ideas, materials, artistic approaches, and design practices that connect to the human level from within your environment, with its genius loci and unique situation. By this theme, the PQ responds to the changes in all areas of human life that the pandemic situation has accelerated and the physical experience has become rare.

The PQ 2023 will consist of:

a) Main exhibitions: Exhibition of Countries and Regions, Student Exhibition, Fragments

b) Other projects: PQ Studio, PQ Performance, Performance Space Exhibition, PQ Talks, Best Publication Award

All necessary information, such as the Open Call, the Artistic concept, timeline, and organizational conditions of participation in the PQ, can be found at https://www.pq.cz/the-15th-edition-of-the-prague-quadrennial-will-take-place-at-the-prazska-trznice-from-8-to-18-june-2023/ .

The deadline for Applications for the main exhibitions is on 30th November 2021. For more information on how to take part, please visit https://www.pq.cz/how-to-take-part/ .

Open calls for the additional curated activities will be published on 31st October 2021.